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2007 StubHub Concert Ticket Annual Report

2007 StubHub Concert Ticket Sales Exceed $100 Million; Fans Buy and Sell Tickets for Close to 11,000 Concerts via StubHub; Increased Listings Result in Lower Average Ticket Prices

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - December 5, 2007) - StubHub, the fan's ticket marketplace, is pleased to release its second annual concert ticket report on sales activity across music events during 2007 at the world's largest ticket marketplace. The information in the report reveals some interesting trends and information from the year in secondary concert ticket sales. Data includes the top grossing tours and those with the highest average ticket price in 2007 along with interesting year-over-year tour comparisons and pricing trends.

"As the leader in the secondary ticket market, StubHub's sales data is an excellent barometer of the secondary demand for the most popular touring acts. We feel it's valuable to provide insight into the increasing popularity among fans who utilize StubHub and other secondary resources to buy concert tickets," said Chuck LaVallee, Head of Music Business Development for StubHub. "We hope the information provided in the report can be useful to those who follow the business of the music industry."

StubHub Key Concert Ticket Stats for 2007 (as of 12/1/07):

--  The average price of concert tickets sold through StubHub in 2007 was
    $117. That price DECREASED $28 per ticket when compared to average prices
    in 2006 ($145).
--  The drop in average ticket prices has increased YOY, average ticket
    prices declined 19% in 2007, compared to 12% in 2006.
--  Concert tickets was the fastest growing category on StubHub with sales
    surpassing well over $100 million to date.
--  Gross sales of concert tickets on INCREASED over 91%
    in 2007.
--  The Hannah Montana "Best of Both Worlds" tour was the highest grossing
    tour in 2007, and in the history of StubHub, based on dollar volume. Her
    tour's sales surpassed legendary acts like Van Halen, Bruce Springsteen and
    The Police.
--  The Hannah Montana "Best of Both Worlds" tour is the first concert
    tour to surpass the $10 million mark in gross sales on StubHub.
--  The Police reunion tour sold the most actual tickets (over 44,000) for
    a concert series on StubHub.
--  Celine Dion's Las Vegas tour topped the average ticket price category
    at a whopping $352 per show.* (For shows selling over 3,000 total tickets)
--  For the second consecutive year, six of StubHub's Top 10 Selling Tours
    of 2007 also toured in 1986 or prior (The Police, Bruce Springsteen, Van
    Halen, Jimmy Buffett, Bon Jovi, Genesis)

Link to 2006 Report:

Top 10 Selling Tours of 2007
(Based on total dollar volume of tickets sold)

1.   Hannah Montana
2.   The Police
3.   Bruce Springsteen
4.   Van Halen
5.   Justin Timberlake
6.   Kenny Chesney
7.   Jimmy Buffett
8.   Dave Matthews Band
9.   Bon Jovi
10.  Genesis

Highest Average Tour Ticket Prices
(For tours that sold over 3,000 total tickets)

1.   Celine Dion - $347
2.   Elton John - $260
3.   Hannah Montana - $257
4.   Eric Clapton - $253
5.   Bon Jovi - $239
6.   Bruce Springsteen - $226
7.   Van Halen - $217
8.   Genesis - $210
9.   The Police - $209
10.  Michael Buble - $195

StubHub's Million Dollar Tours of 2007:

The tours listed below were the highest grossing overall on StubHub in 2007, all surpassing the $1,000,000 mark in total ticket sales: (ranked in order of highest gross). 25 tours cleared the $1,000,000 mark as compared with 17 in 2006.

                                                          Tour      North
                                                         Ticket    American
Artist                        Tour                        Price     Dates
----------------------------- ------------------------- --------- ---------
Hannah Montana                Best of Both Worlds Tour    $258        55
The Police                    Reunion Tour                $209        53
Bruce Springsteen and The E
 Street Band                  2007 Tour                   $226        43
Van Halen                     Reunion Tour                $217        45
Justin Timberlake             Futuresex/Loveshow Tour     $182        62
Kenny Chesney                                             $161        59
Jimmy Buffett                 Bama Breeze Tour            $136        25
Bon Jovi                      On The Road Tour            $238        53
Dave Matthews Band            2007 Summer Tour            $138        38
Genesis                       Turn It On Again Tour       $210        25
Faith Hill and Tim McGraw     Soul2Soul Tour              $173        44
Keith Urban                   Love, Pain & The Whole
                               Crazy Thing Tour           $131        59
John Mayer                    Continuum Summer Tour       $133        77
Rush                          Snakes & Arrows Tour        $182        49
Stevie Wonder                 A Wonder Summer's Night
                               Tour                       $186        35
Rascal Flatts                 Me And My Gang Tour         $143        67
Josh Groban                   Awake Tour                  $182        57
Tool                          Spring 2007                 $122        79
Christina Aguilera and The
 Pussycat Dolls and Danity
 Kane                         Back to Basics Tour         $174        42
Eric Clapton                  2007 World Tour             $253        28
Roger Waters                  The Dark Side Of The Moon
                               Live Tour                  $180        27
Billy Joel                    Billy Joel 2007 Tour        $178        34
Rod Stewart                   Still The Same Tour         $192        69
Celine Dion                   A New Day Las Vegas Tour    $343       166
Michael Buble                 2007 Tour                   $195        58

$100 Average Ticket Price Benchmarks Established Success

In the seven years of monitoring average ticket prices on its marketplace, StubHub has recognized a consistent trend with respect to the market value of tickets for acts in the secondary market. Typically, the $100 average price point (or greater) applies to acts with a substantially large national following. The $100 mark serves as a true differentiator between the established superstar live acts and the rest of the industry. Artists commanding over $150 per ticket on average are typically the veteran legacy acts who have built up multiple generations of fans and generally do not come from the contemporary music landscape. However, 2007 brought a notable exception of teenage phenom Miley Cyrus, a.k.a Hannah Montana, who has cultivated an enormous fan base through her popular Disney TV show and other interactive media channels. Most new artists who are still growing their fan bases will see average ticket prices trade for under $100 in the open market. StubHub has gathered the top 10 grossing concert acts for 2007 in three pricing levels (Rising Stars) under $100, (Shining Stars) between $100 and $150, and (Super Stars) over $150:

                Super Stars Over $150
Genre                                   Per Tix Avg.
Hannah Montana                             $258
Eric Clapton                               $253
Bon Jovi                                   $239
Bruce Springsteen                          $226
Van Halen                                  $217
Genesis                                    $210
The Police                                 $209
Justin Timberlake                          $182
Soul 2 Soul Tour Featuring Faith Hill
 and Tim McGraw                            $173
Kenny Chesney                              $161
                Shining Stars Over $100
Genre                                   Per Tix Avg.
Bob Seger                                  $149
Rascal Flatts                              $143
Gwen Stefani                               $142
Dave Matthews Band                         $138
Jimmy Buffett                              $136
John Mayer                                 $133
Keith Urban                                $131
Nickelback                                 $125
Tool                                       $122
Incubus                                    $105
                Rising Stars Under $100
Genre                                  Per Tix Avg.
Dispatch **                                 $97
Arcade Fire                                 $94
Beastie Boys **                             $91
Killers                                     $87
The Fray                                    $86
Cheetah Girls                               $86
Smashing Pumpkins **                        $83
Fall Out Boy                                $81
Daughtry                                    $78
Snow Patrol                                 $77

* Rankings based on 2007 tours with a minimum of 20 dates and at least 1,000 total tickets sold via

**Some exceptions do exist within the "Rising Stars" section. These acts have some well established fan bases and legacies though their average ticket selling prices did not reflect a typical pricing trend on StubHub in 2007.

Twice is Nice for Top Acts

The table below tracks top touring acts that were on the road in both 2006 and 2007 and compares actual tickets sold, total gross dollar sales as well as the average price paid by StubHub buyers. In most every instance, tours more than doubled their actual tickets sold and total gross dollars proving the constant fan demand for these acts and adoption of StubHub as a destination of choice for ticket buyers.

2007 vs. 2006 Top Tours - Comparisons

                             # Actual Tickets
                                   Sold         Total Gross  Average # Tour
        Genre                Increase/Decrease     Sales      Price   Stops
                             -----------------  -----------  ------- ------
Kenny Chesney ‘07                        + 214%       + 233%    $162     59
                             -----------------  -----------  ------- ------
Kenny Chesney ‘06                                               $149     65
                             -----------------  -----------  ------- ------
Dave Matthews Band ‘07                    + 62%        + 77%    $147     38
                             -----------------  -----------  ------- ------
Dave Matthews Band ‘06                                          $135     57
                             -----------------  -----------  ------- ------
Tool ‘07                                  + 42%        + 29%    $120     76
                             -----------------  -----------  ------- ------
Tool ‘06                                                        $155     52
                             -----------------  -----------  ------- ------
Jimmy Buffett ‘07                         + 30%        + 34%    $136     25
                             -----------------  -----------  ------- ------
Jimmy Buffett ‘06                                               $132     27
                             -----------------  -----------  ------- ------

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