Monsanto Canada Inc.

Monsanto Canada Inc.

July 17, 2008 08:00 ET

2008 Monsanto Technology Expo Offers Glimpse of Future

GUELPH, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - July 17, 2008) - Crops won't be the only potential bounty for Canadian growers this fall. They also will have the opportunity to harvest a wealth of information thanks in part to Monsanto Canada and Canada's Outdoor Farm Show.

Monsanto Canada will present its Technology Expo at the Sept. 9-11 show in Woodstock, Ontario. Celebrating a theme of "Roadmap to Success," the Technology Expo will showcase both the latest in seeds and traits, like the new Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybeans, and new technologies in the development pipeline.

In fact, says Mike Nailor, Monsanto Canada's corn and soybean trait marketing lead, Monsanto will showcase nine new technologies at its Technology Expo this year.

"With commercialization of Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybeans in Canada in 2009, growers will have an unprecedented chance for maximizing yield potential," Nailor says. "But Monsanto never stops researching ways to improve trait performance, and at the Technology Expo, growers will get a first look at some of the enhancements coming their way in the near future."

Jordon Underhill, general manager and vice president of business development for Canada's Outdoor Farm Show, says show organizers and Monsanto share a similar dedication to research and education.

"Showcasing and demonstrating the latest agricultural technologies under real-world field conditions is what Canada's Outdoor Farm Show is all about," Underhill says. "For the first time in Canada, producers will have a VIP look into the future of crop breeding and trait development in the form of Monsanto's Technology Expo. Canada's Outdoor Farm Show is thrilled to feature this new, interactive Expo as part of our 15th anniversary event."

Among the displays at the Monsanto Technology Expo will be highlights on stackable traits geared to the future of corn and soybean production. This reflects the company's goal of doubling yields by 2030, says Mike McGuire, director of Monsanto Canada's corn and soybean commercial business.

To accomplish this goal, Monsanto Canada is enhancing seed technologies to improve yields, increase herbicide tolerance and perform better in specific locales, McGuire says. Some of what growers will see at the Technology Expo will be available now, and some will be available in a year, three years or even five or more.

"Trait stacking is becoming a baseline for corn and soybean seed development," McGuire says. "But Monsanto isn't resting on the virtues of double- and triple-stacked traits. With regulatory approval, eight-way stacked-gene corn could be commercially available by 2010."

Mark Lawton, seed and trait technical lead for Monsanto Canada says the company is excited not only about the prospects of its research but also the opportunity to share that information with Canadian growers.

"Monsanto is dedicated to making growers more profitable by developing seed technologies that offer improved yield and quality potential," Lawton says. "It's important to us to talk to the growers, to show them what we're working on and to hear from them what will help them become more efficient producers of food, fuel and fibre."

Growers interested in experiencing the Monsanto Technology Expo should call their local seed dealer to arrange for a tour that will feature examples of developing seed technologies. Members of the Monsanto Canada's technology development team will be on hand to guide tours and answer questions. Interested growers may also reserve tour spots by calling Monsanto at (800) 285-1281.

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