Kinaxis Corporation

Kinaxis Corporation

February 03, 2010 08:00 ET

2009 a Record Year for Kinaxis

Breakthrough RapidResponse Service Propels Robust Growth for On-Demand Supply Chain Management Solution Provider

OTTAWA, CANADA--(Marketwire - Feb. 3, 2010) - Driven by its breakthrough technology and solution paradigm, Kinaxis(TM) Inc., provider of the on-demand supply chain management service RapidResponse, enjoyed a banner year for 2009 and established its place as one of the fastest growing vendors in the industry.

Business Performance

In a tough economic year where many companies struggled, Kinaxis surpassed its peers and closed 2009 with high double digit subscription growth. The company also remained both profitable and cash flow positive.

"Despite the recessionary times, customers invested in Kinaxis RapidResponse because it provides critical capabilities that other supply chain solutions simply cannot deliver. Period" says Doug Colbeth, CEO of Kinaxis. "I believe frustration levels on the part of supply chain and IT executives are at an all-time high. Companies are increasingly protesting the need for suites of ERP software modules to solve their individual business problems. Kinaxis offers one simple service that extends across and deep within an organization to conquer a full range of demand, supply and S&OP challenges. Over 30,000 users are experiencing the difference we bring to the market. One-to-many: that's our secret to success."

In stark contrast with the excessively expensive and time-consuming alternative of purchasing and stitching together a suite of supply chain modules, RapidResponse is a single, on-demand service that can be up and running in weeks, offering unparalleled time to value and ROI. Today's scrutinized spending and focused performance improvements have shined a spotlight on the realization that the current piecemeal approach for integrating demand and supply chain management is entirely unacceptable - the growing adoption of RapidResponse and the overall success of Kinaxis is proof of that.

Product and Market Initiatives

Several initiatives were launched in 2009 that bolstered the market opportunity for Kinaxis:

- The company continued to build out the product's sales and operations planning (S&OP) functions, delivering increased capabilities for demand and supply planning, along with the capacity to monitor performance to a plan and proactively address events that could put the plan at risk - in effect, instituting a capacity for continuous S&OP. This remains a top priority for the company in 2010.

- The inclusion of new analytics within RapidResponse supported a successful entry into the life sciences market, including pharmaceutical and medical devices. At the same time, the company strengthened its product capabilities and market presence in others industry verticals such as electronics and aerospace.

- A mid-market sales group was established for North America. Given the broad applicability of RapidResponse, this group was developed to support the expanded direction of the company into new, strategic markets and specifically, to grow the company's presence in the mid-market.

- The Kinaxis Affiliate Program, which rewards participants for referring leads that translate to RapidResponse customers, was founded. The program attracts representatives of software companies, independent contractors, members of academia and industry consultants. The excitement around the Affiliate Program is another proof-point of the company's belief that networking and community-based programs are an increasingly effective way of doing business.

- To this same point, Kinaxis also launched a new online public community, offering manufacturing and supply chain management professionals a place to learn, share and connect with industry colleagues. Since launching the Supply Chain Expert Community in August, the site boasts over 1300 members and continues to grow on a daily basis.

About Kinaxis

Kinaxis empowers its enterprise and mid-market customers to continuously align demand and supply, thereby bridging the gap that exists between planning and execution. With the on-demand RapidResponse service, companies can continuously manage to their S&OP and revenue objectives despite the daily risks and volatility inherent in today's increasingly unpredictable world. With a strategic competency in rapid response to change, global leaders are realizing a competitive advantage using a single service that addresses multiple, critical supply chain and operations performance challenges. For more information, visit or the Supply Chain Expert community at:

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