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2009 Trends to Watch in Media and Broadcasting Technology

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This brief identifies the key trends within the media and broadcast sector in 2009. While declining advertising revenues will have a severe impact on traditional players, the transition to file-based workflows; the integration of production, corporate and IT infrastructure; and new techniques in addressable advertising will all be key areas for technology investment in the sector.


--  Discusses how advertising spend is hurting traditional media players,
    especially those in print media.
--  Looks at how some media and broadcast companies will thrive in the
--  Discusses areas of significant potential investment in the sector.
--  Provides recommendations for technology companies targeting media &


It will be important for vendors and professional services companies targeting the sector to promote their ability to tackle these issues and to generate considerable cost saving benefits over the course of next year.

Key findings are: audiences will continue to migrate to multiple content platforms; the competitive landscape will transform significantly due to negative market conditions; broadcasters will move to more effective ad techniques to secure revenue; and broadcasters will continue to invest in infrastructure despite cost cutting initiatives.

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--  Read about the underlying factors that are driving technology
    investment in media & broadcast.
--  Understand the key messages to take to market in 2009.
--  Better focus your company's strategy when targeting media & broadcast

    Audiences will continue to migrate to multiple content platforms
    Growth of broadband adoption remains the biggest driver for audience
    OVPs continue to attract consumers to web-based services with long
     form content
    Rights and content management will grow in importance with
     multiplatform distribution
    Falling ad spend will dramatically change the media business landscape
    The newspaper sector will see the continuing closure of major local
     and national publications
    Successful broadcasters must diversify revenue streams to reduce
     dependency on ad spend
    Ad spending will continue to migrate from broadcast to online channels
    Local TV ad spend will decrease significantly in the US due to the
     current economic downturn
    Diversifying revenue streams will hedge against falling ad revenue
    Cash-rich media conglomerates will focus on M&A to profit from the
     economic climate
    Broadcasters will move to more effective ad techniques to secure
     revenue in 2009
    Middleware systems will be essential for audience measurement for
     broadcasters and pay-TV
    Ad insertion systems will continue to be deployed as service providers
     move to new business models
    Home addressability increases effectiveness but the lack of
     understanding remains a challenge
    Broadcasters will continue to invest in infrastructure despite cost
     cutting initiatives
    IT, business and production functions will continue to integrate in
     major broadcasters
    The move to file-based systems will require significant network
     infrastructure investment
    Impact on players in the media and broadcast sector
    Recommendations for those selling into the broadcast sector
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    Figure 2: The alignment gap between business goals and IT

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