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J.J. Buckley LLC

May 03, 2011 10:14 ET

2010 Bordeaux Futures: J.J. Buckley Facilitates Access to a Classic Vintage

Wine enthusiasts are given the unique opportunity to pay just 60% at time of purchase

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - May 3, 2011) - J.J. Buckley Fine Wines' experienced team of Fine Wine Specialists are presenting their 2010 Bordeaux Futures campaign to enthusiasts and collectors after returning from their annual week in Bordeaux at En Primeurs. In addition to a selection of highly rated 2010 Bordeaux, customers will have access to unique and unmatched payment terms on eligible purchases, of 60% down and 40% on arrival at no additional cost to the customer.

The 2010 Bordeaux Vintage

While 2009 was an excellent year for Bordeaux, the 2010 vintage offers a higher-level wine drinking experience and incredible age-ability. The wines display refinement and precision, as well as power. A cellar must-have and only available in limited quantities due to reduced yields, 2010 offers a classic and sophisticated Bordeaux experience and will allow wine enthusiasts to rediscover all the nuances of the different appellations of Bordeaux.

2010 Bordeaux deserves a prominent place in American cellars

Customers will not only be offered a very sought-after selection of wines, they will also be guided throughout their acquisition process. At J.J. Buckley, wine is taken seriously and Bordeaux Futures are no exception. "When buying Futures, our customers make a sizeable and emotional investment. As they will not receive delivery of their purchase for two years, we acknowledge their need for sound advice," notes company Founder Shaun Bishop.

As with last year, the entire team of Fine Wine Specialists flew to Bordeaux to get hands-on with the 2010 vintage. After tasting hundreds of wines, speaking with owners, winemakers, négociants, vineyard managers and more, they are ready to answer any questions customers may have. "We are committed to sending our whole sales team to Bordeaux for the Futures campaign because we believe they can be knowledgeable about the wines only if they have tasted them," adds Bishop.

In addition, the company has released a 100-page Vintage Report, including comprehensive tasting notes written by J.J. Buckley's team of specialists. The report is available at www.jjbuckley.com/2010-Bordeaux.

Unique offer for customers

To improve customer experience and support in what is expected to become a reference vintage, J.J. Buckley is offering customers who order 2010 Bordeaux Futures in excess of $1000 the option to pay a deposit of just 60% up front and 40% upon delivery of the wines to J.J. Buckley (estimated 2013). There will be no additional charges for choosing this option. "We believe our customers will be excited: they will have access to a great selection of products to choose from, they will also enjoy expertise, very competitive prices and for the first time an offer that facilitates their access to a classic vintage," concluded Bishop.

A sound financial situation allows J.J. Buckley to present this unique offer and, as with every year, to follow through in its commitments to guarantee a timely and reliable delivery of Futures. Furthermore, customers purchasing 2010 Bordeaux Futures will be eligible for other offers. The J.J. Buckley team of Fine Wine Specialists is ready to provide all related information, as well as present the various services offered by the company, including storage and resale opportunities.

For customers looking for comprehensive information on 2010 Bordeaux Futures, various tools have been made available at the following link: www.jjbuckley.com/2010-Bordeaux.

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