SOURCE: 2011 Gwacheon International SF Festival

2011 Gwacheon International SF Festival

September 27, 2011 08:00 ET

"2011 Gwacheon International SF Festival in Korea" to Sound Fanfare as Comprehensive Edutainment Event of Science, Culture and Education

GWACHEON, SOUTH KOREA--(Marketwire - Sep 27, 2011) - The 2011 Gwacheon International SF Festival in Korea will be held for 17 days from September 30 (Friday) to October 16 (Sunday) at the Gwacheon National Science Museum.

Unimaginably plenty spectacles and infinite creativity!

Under the slogan of "Huge Explosion of Mt. Baekdu! Save Mankind With Explosive Imagination!" the second festival this year will serve as a whirlwind of exploding creativity and imagination for children who have lost creativity due to standardized education.

The festival will consist of an official event, special event and collateral event. The official event will feature a main show, opening ceremony and closing ceremony, showing simulated images of erupting Mt. Baekdu and volcano performances. Divided into 6 sections, the special event will include a variety of programs, such as a hypothetical news contest, imagination essay contest, and an earthquake and typhoon experience. The collateral event will feature audience participatory programs, including an SF book festival, volcano experience and various other learning experiences. With these varied programs, the "2011 Gwacheon International SF Festival in Korea" will provide a festive environment combined with science, culture and education.

Awaken your eyes with scientific imagination!

The Gwacheon International SF Festival is the sole film festival that combines "scientific imagination" and "filmic imagination." With 57 entries from 17 countries, the audience can view entertaining and unique films and animations ranging from SF classic masterworks to humorous, cheeky and imaginative short films.

In addition, the festival will introduce a variety of programs, including the "creativity experience workshop" that allows children to imagine and create animations by viewing films, touching and feeling things as well as the "FX conference" that provides information on the present and future of advanced video technologies by world top level VFX specialists, and special lectures on "learning science through films" that explains state-of-the-art science and technology and amazing natural phenomena by experts in easy and interesting ways. It will also provide "cinema talk" that introduces the process of producing films by film directors, producers, actors and actresses.

Global children reporters group who imagine the future and communicate with creative thinking!

Science reporters of the "2011 Gwacheon International SF Festival" will write articles on the festival with creative ideas and thinking to help children imagine the future and communicate on children's viewpoint. As science reporters include both Korean and foreign children, the festival is expected to be more widely promoted as an international event.

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