February 17, 2011 04:15 ET

2011 Winter Getaways Low Cost Destinations at CodesPromotion!

PARIS, FRANCE--(Marketwire - Feb. 17, 2011) - While the low cost offers for the winter holidays are popping up everywhere, getting away without spending much is now possible for all the French, who, with 38 days off every year are the ones who can profit the most in the world! The school holidays in February have begun at CodesPromotion; as your great deal specialist, we are ready to assist you in finding a low cost holiday.

This year again, 4 out of 10 French plan to go on vacation, and nearly half believe they will choose a ski getaway. Indeed, with a broad preference for metropolitan France, the forecasted reservation rate in the mountains has already reached 80% for the high season!

To attract fans of the great outdoors, ski resorts rely on enticing offers which are available of course at CodesPromotion. The program includes a variety of new activities: snowshoeing, sledding, spa, farm tours, wine and cheese tasting... all for a memorable holiday with family or friends.

For sun worshipers, the destinations abroad also earn points with a particular preference for the Mediterranean short-stay package: 18% of vacationers go to Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt, and 12% to Spain and Portugal.

Whether you love the mountains or exotic places, the determining factor in choosing your holiday still is, not surprisingly, the price, even when comfort and related services remain essential in the final selection (full board, child activities, guided tours, and evening entertainment). This price pressure forces tour operators to compete over discounts and all inclusive packages. The last minute bookings soar, and about one third of the reservations are made within the last month prior to departure!

As far as new cool destinations for 2011, Asia is emerging as the winner, after the islands (Maldives, Mauritius, the Caribbean), New York, Mexico, Brazil, Tel-Aviv and the Cape Verde Archipelago for the more adventurous travelers.

So for skiing and snow-covered slopes, or beach and bathing suit, there is bound to be a great deal for your travel dreams at CodesPromotion.

Have a fun winter vacation!

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