24 Heures

24 Heures

October 23, 2013 05:30 ET

2012/13 NADbank Survey: Free Urban Daily 24 Heures Still Growing in Montreal!

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - Oct. 23, 2013) - The free urban daily 24 Heures is proud to present highlights from the 2012/13 NADbank survey, which measured the readership levels of the main daily newspapers across the country from fall 2012 to spring 2013. These results demonstrate that 24 Heures is continuing to grow in the Montreal market and now attracts 684,700 readers. The free urban daily has seen its readership increase by 11,400 readers since the fall 2012 survey results, yet another rise in the paper's steady growth in Montreal since 2006.

Young and urban readership

The free urban daily 24 Heures has achieved an increase of 30,300 readers in the 18-34 age bracket since the fall 2012 survey results (+14%). 24 Heures now draws 250,700 young readers aged 18 to 34 every week.

Increasingly appealing to female readers

With an increase of 30,100 female readers since last fall's results (+9%), 24 Heures is of greater and greater interest to women. Every week, 349,000 women and 335,700 men read the free urban daily 24 Heures.

Educated readers

As compared with last fall, 24 Heures attracts 12,500 more readers who have pursued college or university studies, which represents a 3% increase. Today, 24 Heures is read by nearly 500,000 adults who have attended college or university.

Last August, 24 Heures launched its new signature line, La couleur d'aujourd'hui, a direct reference to the newspaper's joyful personality and colourful and visually appealing graphic design style. New columnists have also joined the team, including Les Justiciers Masqués, seasoned traveller Marie-Pier Otis, and the famous chef from Kitchen Galerie, Mathieu Cloutier. They join current columnists Nathalie Lambert (Bougez ("Move!")), Carl Renaud (Votre argent ("Your money")), Chantal Lapointe (CASA ("Home Improvement"), Abeille Gélinas (Sortir ("Going out")) and Philippe Lapeyrie (Vino ("Wine")).

"The whole team at the free urban daily 24 Heures is proud to share these solid results that demonstrate that 24 Heures is increasingly well-positioned as the true barometer of urban life and lifestyles. We're sure that recent changes made to 24 Heures will continue to spur the newspaper to new heights," states Lucie Leduc, Vice-President of the free urban daily 24 Heures.

The free urban daily 24 Heures wishes to thank its many readers and valued advertisers for 7 years of steady growth in Montreal!

Source: 2012/13 vs. 2011/12 NADbank, Montreal CMA, adults 18+

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