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WACS Congress Daejeon

May 17, 2012 06:00 ET

2012 WACS Congress Daejeon Closes in Success

It Attracted 420,000 Visitors and Reaffirmed Excellence and Possibility of Globalization of Traditional Korean Foods and Wines Through Chefs and Sommeliers From Around the World

The 35th General Assembly of WACS Successfully Received Recognition of the Guinness Book and Conducted Discussion Under a Single Topic for the First Time in Its History

DAEJEON, SOUTH KOREA--(Marketwire - May 17, 2012) - "The WACS Congress Daejeon succeeded not only in obtaining recognition of the Guinness Book of Records but also it provided a chance of paying more concentrated attention to our profession of chef. Personally, I was most interested in the topic entitled 'Foods of mankind for the future,' which was discussed at the round table meeting. Though we could not find any solution immediately, it provided me a chance of seriously thinking responsibility and role of a chef.

"Traditional Korean foods are fully competitive in the world market. As criteria of foods are different by regions, Korea needs to think of this with prudence. I believe the future of Korean foods is bright."

These are comments made by President Gissur Gudmundsson of the WACS at a press meeting held on May 4 for the 35th general assembly of the WACS during the period of the WACS Congress Daejeon. Expressing satisfaction to 5-day programs of the 35th general assembly of the WACS, he extended deep appreciation to Daejeon City Government.

As the largest scale food contest in Korea in its real sense, the 2012 WACS Congress Daejeon concluded its 12-day event, receiving evaluation that it succeeded in both quality of programs and economic effect.

The WACS 2012 Daejeon Congress Organizing Committee (Chairman: Mayor Yum Hong-chul of Daejeon Metropolitan City) said about 420,000 persons visited the Congress held for 12 days starting on May 1. This is a figure that exceeded by 70,000 persons over targeted number of visitors of 350,000 persons, suggesting that diversified and eye-catching programs and events, such as contests among Korean and foreign chefs, were highly popular.

The special opening event for challenging to earn recognition of the Guinness Book, 'Gathering 2,012 chefs at one place,' was recognized by the Guinness Book by gathering a total of 2,111 Korean and foreign chefs and honorary ambassadors who participated in the general assembly of the WACS and food contests, exceeding the targeted number by 99 persons.

Meanwhile, participants in the 35th general assembly of the WACS, which was held simultaneously with the WACS Congress Daejeon, conducted discussions under a single topic entitled 'Foods of mankind for the future,' and they adopted the declaration of Daejeon containing main points of their discussion. At the closing ceremony, Greece was selected as the host of the 37th general assembly slated for 2016.

The Congress Organizing Committee provided chances of enjoying and experiencing traditional Korean foods and culture to foreign participants by offering lectures on cooking of traditional Korean foods to foreign chefs and chances of experiencing traditional Korean foods to their companions. Particularly, Korean traditional rice wine, 'maggoli,' which is gaining high popularity around the world including Japan, attracted attention of sommeliers from other countries.

The Daejeon city authority plans to successfully hold the 2012 International Food & Wine Festival in Daejeon in October, capitalizing on the favorable image and interest in foods and wine of Daejeon enhanced through the 2012 WACS Congress Daejeon.

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