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2013's Cold Weather Style -- Winter's Chic Fashion, Beauty and Makeup Recent Trends -- Presented by

SACRAMENTO, CA--(Marketwire - Nov 29, 2012) - Searching for ways to stay stylish during the chilly winter season? It may feel like a stretch to combine comfort and beauty, but there's no reason to trade in style for warmth during cold weather. The latest article by Winter Style Trends 2012: Fashion's 5 Ways to Spice up Your Cold Weather Wardrobe offers hot tips and tricks for looking fashionable no matter how low the mercury drops.

For those who like a style with attitude, the military trend -- which is a hit this winter -- is the perfect choice. Which wardrobe pieces work best with this edgy look, and what are the hot color pairings that work for any age and style? How can of-the-moment makeup shades like oxblood and burgundy complement both classic and trendy looks? To find out, visit or click

During the winter, the perfect wardrobe choices offer warmth without sacrificing style, making a fabulous coat a must this chilly season. Which cozy jacket colors, patterns and styles are on-trend this winter -- especially when paired together? What's the best way to capitalize on the faux fur trend, without looking tacky or overdone? To find out, visit or click

Soft, flowy shirts, belted at the waist or left loose, are a fashion staple these days, and they're here to stay for the winter ahead. How can women turn this bohemian trend into an everyday option that's practical for cold weather? Which makeup looks are ideal to complement or offset this feminine, romantic look? To find out, visit or click

Find answers to many more questions about keeping warm -- while looking sexy and stylish -- during the frosty winter at or

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