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January 12, 2016 13:00 ET

2016 Digital Signage Solutions Review

Industry-Leading Insight on an Array of Interactive Digital Communication Solutions, 3D Wayfinding, and Integration Applications Available in 2016

SILICON VALLEY, CA--(Marketwired - January 12, 2016) - If you're associated with the digital signage industry, read articles about digital signage, or possibly looking for a "solution," then this article will be of value to you. The purpose of this write up is not to bombard with a slew of "industry leading" buzzwords but rather shed light on several go-to concrete solutions that are taking 2016 by storm.

Original 3D Mapping & Wayfinding Digital Signage

Many companies have their versions of interactive wayfinding, but none come close to the Waytouch Premier™. This ultimate all-inclusive solution for wayfinding is tried and tested, award winning, and can support the requirements of any RFP or project. Daily practical uses include multi-floor / multi-building turn by turn 3D directions, event integration with wayfinding, dynamic pop-ups with final destination images, videos and more!

This fully scalable system comes standard with a variety of beautiful built-in turn by turn route animations and map views. With the 3D map views, users have the capability to pinch, zoom, and rotate the map around 360 degrees. For off-premise exterior multi-building wayfinding Bird's Eye view is available enabling users to receive real-time turn by turn directions from the building you're in, to another.

For quick and easy wayfinding to classes, sessions or other event based occasions the Waytouch Premier™ can seamlessly integrate any establishment's schedule or promotions with the map and directory listings.

Application Examples:

  • Medical Building Wayfinding for Kiosks or Displays
  • Campus Wide Wayfinding for Kiosks or Displays
  • Convention Center Wayfinding with Event Integration
  • Self Service Kiosk with Wayfinding
  • Retail Wayfinding with Product or Department Directions Kiosk or Display
  • Corporate Building Directory with Wayfinding

Touchscreen Digital Signage

An interactive digital signage solution needs to be engaging, beautifully designed, and, of course, fun to use by any individual. The TouchPlus™ is an all-inclusive, fully customizable, feature-rich solution that supports the exact application needs and integration requirements of every establishment or organization.

This fully scalable comprehensive touchscreen digital signage solution is an extremely flexible platform. With the TouchPlus™, you can choose from a variety of over 30 premium interactive features, widgets, and apps to create a custom system separating you from the competition. Some the most popular TouchPlus™, features to select from include:

  • Real-Time Events Calender
  • Interactive Surveys
  • Flight Information and Times
  • Interactive Corporate Communications
  • Touchscreen Gallery of Promotions and Sales
  • Searchable Local Area Attractions
  • Interactive Donor Recognition Wall w/ Donate Now Integration
  • Rotating Touchscreen Screen Saver w/ Welcome Message
  • Interactive Amenities, and Services

Application Examples:

  • Self-Service and Information Kiosks
  • Hotel Interactive Concierge
  • Corporate Building Directories with Virtual Receptionist
  • Fundraising / Medical Touchscreen Donor Recognition
  • Retail Endless Isle Kiosk

Seamless Integrations

Both the TouchPlus™ and Waytouch Premier™ can be directly connected to your CRM, EMS, Google Drive, Outlook or other 3rd party software platforms. When the information and data in your software updates so will the content you're displaying on the sign. This self-managed solution automates the entire process of updating your digital signs content. Standard software platforms that either solution can integrate with include:

  • Sales Pro: event and conference schedules, class times, and scheduled directory listings.
  • DELPHI: conference times, event streams, and other schedule listings.
  • Micros Opera: event schedules and POS sale listing.
  • 25Live / CollegeNet: academic schedules and programs, class times, e-calendars, campus communications.
  • EMS: meeting and room schedules, event listing, and classroom schedules.
  • Rave: alert emergency notifications stream.
  • Google Calendar and Outlook: event schedules
  • Razors Edge: donor listings and descriptions accept donations, and scheduled events.
  • HTML: website feeds
  • Active Directory: directory listings

Behind The Scenes

The firm responsible for these solutions is Silicon Valley-based 22Miles, Inc., a digital signage and wayfinding solutions provider. As the 1st multi-touch for business software provider at CES 2009, 22Miles has made it possible for people to interact with large-format touchscreens and kiosks in a smooth and responsive Smart-Phone like way. That same year, 22Miles multi-touch technology, beat out over 4,000 global teams, to win the Grand Prize in Microsoft's Code7 contest.

Recently 22Miles has developed and released a comprehensive digital signage and wayfinding software that is compatible with all major platforms and displays. As a result, of this release, 22Miles (in conjunction with their partners) consistently won top industry awards, some including:

  • 2015 DIGI Award Winner for Best Interactive Retail Digital Signage
  • 2014 Digital Screen Media Association Best Healthcare Self-Service Interactive Kiosk Award. 

22Miles offers two unique Dealer programs that fit the specific needs and skill sets of potential new interested in reselling state of the art digital signage solutions. Both programs are supported by their comprehensive online 22Miles Digital Signage Sales Academy, Sales Library, and Wiki Support Center.

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