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September 10, 2007 11:00 ET

2130 Partners Launches Productive Interactions II - Moving Towards Mastery

Part Two of Powerhouse Communications Series Premieres in Southern California

CAPISTRANO BEACH, CA--(Marketwire - September 10, 2007) - 2130 Partners, an executive leadership development and education firm that trains leaders to create focus, alignment and collaboration around a sustainable shared vision, today announced the second in a three-part education series designed for leaders and teams to learn how to produce high-velocity actions and intended outcomes through effective communication. Productive Interactions II - Moving Towards Mastery™ will begin on Sept. 24 in Orange County, Calif.

"One of the core ideas behind the course is that we believe the ability to identify and clear upsets is the single biggest key to productivity gains in our economy today," said Suzanne Frindt, co-founder of 2130 Partners. "The focus of the Productive Interactions Series™ is to teach skills for having interactions that are extraordinarily effective, and keep things moving towards a larger vision."

2130 Partners bases all of its courses and programs on Vision-Focused Leadership™, a philosophy that informs everything they do. Vision-Focused Leadership is a proprietary combination of qualitative and quantitative methodologies that satisfy the need for hard facts and data, while integrating the "heart and soul" of an organization.

The Productive Interactions Series introduces a new paradigm and template to shift the way people listen and dialogue. This critical shift enhances fundamental skills and abilities to have interactions that evoke creativity, collaboration, alignment, accountability; and raise and resolve issues productively.

Key concepts that will be covered in Productive Interactions II are:

--  Exploration Listening™: Bringing presence to leadership
--  Leadership Speaking: Centering in the "Leadership Choice Point"
--  Recognizing and Clearing Upsets: The 2130 Partners "Recipe"
--  Causing Action: Converting common statements to powerful declarations

In this course, participants will deepen their understanding and facility with the principles of productive dialogue. The course will bring new knowledge, awareness, and capacities that stand on the shoulders of the learning and practices participants have carried forward from the introductory program.

"Productive Interactions I provided more than a tool chest of ideas," said Gregg Whitaker, president of Video Applications, a nationally recognized leader in the technical design and production of large-scale live events, headquartered in Orange County, Calif. "It generated the possibility to immediately put into action what is learned."

2130 Partners Launches Productive Interactions II

Productive Interactions II is 2130 Partners' second course available to the public via open enrollment. The course was designed and is being led by 2130 Partners Principals and Co-Founders Suzanne and Dwight Frindt.

The course fee is $1,395 for the upcoming 7-week session meeting every second Monday from 9 a.m. to noon, beginning September 24th. Completion of Production Interactions I is required for enrollment in Productive Interactions II.

About Suzanne Frindt

Suzanne Frindt co-founded 2130 Partners with her husband Dwight in 1990. She is a recognized speaker on the topics of Vision-Focused Leadership and Productive Interactions, speaking to various organizations around the world. Suzanne is also a Group Chair for Vistage International, Inc.™, an organization of CEOs and executives dedicated to increasing the effectiveness, and enhancing the lives of more than 14,000 members in 16 countries. Each month she facilitates groups in Orange County, that include company presidents, entrepreneurs and key executives. She also regularly contributes entrepreneurial creativity and management experience to several companies through service on their advisory boards.

About Dwight Frindt

Dwight Frindt established 2130 Partners, based on an idea that has become the cornerstone of the firm. The guiding methodology of Vision-Focused Leadership was born from his years of hands-on executive experience, and from his 30-year affiliation with The Hunger Project, an organization committed to the sustainable end of world hunger. Dwight has integrated his knowledge of managing operations, acquisitions, and turn-arounds, with insights he has learned working with The Hunger Project in rural villages around the world. With this diverse background, Dwight blends his experience from the worlds of business and global nonprofit into the unique strategic planning, team building and executive leadership training offered by 2130 Partners. Dwight also serves as a Group Chair for Vistage, and monthly facilitates three groups in Orange County, Calif.

About 2130 Partners

2130 Partners was founded in 1990, and is headquartered in Orange County, Calif., with regional offices in the Seattle and Greater New York markets. The firm's unique approach is anchored in the philosophy of Vision-Focused Leadership, which is a proprietary combination of qualitative and quantitative methodologies that satisfy the need for "hard facts," and data, while integrating the "heart and soul" of an organization. Using these methods, 2130 Partners facilitates a client's ability to design strategies and actions that create alignment and collaboration around a sustainable shared vision. The firm's Web site also features a blog dedicated to all facets of women's leadership. Visit

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