August 04, 2014 09:00 ET

21CT Is First in Nation to Provide On-Demand Intelligence Unit to Fight Healthcare Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

21CT TorchTeam(SM), Armed With the 21CT Torch(SM) Analytics Platform, Delivers Actionable Investigative Findings to Aid in National Battle Against Healthcare Fraud

SAN ANTONIO, TX--(Marketwired - Aug 4, 2014) - NAMPI Conference -- 21CT invents and innovates the data analytics products and investigation services that reward the curious with data-driven knowledge. This week the company, surrounded by healthcare integrity leaders during the National Association of Medicaid Program Integrity (NAMPI) annual conference, introduced 21CT Torch(SM), the next-generation fraud detection analytics platform purpose-built for the way investigators think, discover, and respond. Demonstrating Torch for the nation's Medicaid fraud fighters were some of the investigators that make up the 21CT TorchTeam, the nation's first and only on-demand fraud detection analytics unit.

The 21CT TorchTeam are dedicated and ever-curious data engineers, data analysts, and certified fraud examiners that rapidly deliver actionable investigative findings to fight healthcare fraud waste and abuse. The team helps to produce rapid results by:

  • Eliminating the 'data headache' of data analytics by taking on the curation, ingestion, and fusion of data.
  • Provide the investigative horsepower, tradecraft, and creative thinking to enhance investigations and deliver actionable investigative findings.

New Era of Healthcare Integrity
"Today's program integrity professionals are fighting the ultimate battle against rampant healthcare fraud, waste, and abuse, and doing it while being strapped for resources," said Irene Williams, CEO, 21CT. "I speak with these people nearly every day and witness their passion and desire to retain the highest level of healthcare services for their citizens. We listened, and at 21CT we created both cutting-edge technology and people-powered investigative services to end the era of 'deploy-and-depart' data analytics. It is no longer acceptable to simply ship software that simply flags leads and generates a mountain of alerts, which will not win this battle. Technology like Torch was created to lead beyond the lead and help build the actual case. When combined with the resources of TorchTeam, you have a combination that will usher in a new era of healthcare integrity in the United States."

TorchTeam is a unique combination of proven and patented investigative analytics technology in the hands of an on-demand team of data analysts and fraud investigators. Organizations leverage TorchTeam in a variety of ways, from a comprehensive, outsourced investigative service arm to project-oriented services to augment internal teams. However you choose, TorchTeam shines the light needed to achieve your mission including:

  • Take on the "data headache" by curating, ingesting, and fusing the data the state already has along with other data sources to increase the time-to-investigate.
  • Quickly detect and eradicate complex fraud networks and end overpayments.
  • Streamline the investigative process by focusing on high-priority cases and building out the full behavioral context to speed up recovery.
  • Quickly identify unknown relationships and associations to provide supplemental investigative evidence to build a case.
  • Rapidly identify overpayments and provide quantitative policy review recommendations to end flagrant waste and abuse.
  • Share in a national fraud intelligence service that uncovers the very latest schemes and applies these techniques to find them throughout the country.

Learn More About 21CT Torch
Nefarious behaviors are often interrelated in nonobvious ways, and these links are hidden among the data. By using interactive, intelligent Profile Pages, DataSets, and Graph Pattern Visualization, Torch enables healthcare fraud investigators to take a lead, identify the context, and rapidly build cases. Torch is the only fraud detection analytics product made to be used by all fraud investigators during every phase of their workflow, from generating new leads, managing hotline intake and examining facts, to discovering hidden relationships and building their cases. Torch was built to:

  • Use contextual search to quickly find any pertinent data and enhance the efficiency of investigative staff.
  • Automate relational metrics to make fast decisions that include identifying not only "bad" activities but also the behavioral triggers that signal fraud.
  • Go beyond just searching to determine answers to the most critical questions and quickly rule out leads that don't pan out.
  • Identify behavior patterns that link disparate entities to a larger network or a coordinated fraud network.
  • Collect the evidence that builds the case and move rapidly toward action against perpetrators.

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