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21CT, Inc.

April 24, 2013 07:45 ET

21CT Releases Sourcefire Data Connector for LYNXeon

Ability to Fuse and Correlate Multiple Network Data Sets Delivers Unprecedented Level of Security Intelligence and Visibility

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - Apr 24, 2013) - 21CT Inc. today introduced the Sourcefire Data Connector for LYNXeon, the leading investigative analytics and pattern detection solution for operational security insight. Enterprises, service providers and government organizations are drowning in disparate network data sets that individually provide little insight. Using LYNXeon, organizations collect all network data, including critical alerts and logs generated from Sourcefire solutions, and fuse them together. As a result, network security teams can visualize the interconnected patterns between once disparate information and immediately use that insight to discover never before seen incident patterns and detect embedded cyber attackers.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS) such as Sourcefire excel at detecting malicious behavior and providing alerts that immediately stimulate incident response activity from a cyber security analyst team. Using LYNXeon in parallel with Sourcefire, security analysts not only can see the intelligence provided by the alerts but can now connect this event data with other sources in order to determine what happened before or after the trigger point, reduce root cause analysis time, and determine overall incident impact.

Today's update to LYNXeon enhances capabilities for network security analysis and empowers organizations to:

  • Gain operational security insight out of network data from IDS/IPS devices such as Sourcefire, flow from NetFlow and IPFix, malware detection solutions, DNS logs, and monitoring systems including Bro, PCAPs and more.
  • Reduce root cause analysis time and determine incident impact with full activity history pre- and post-breach.
  • Identify and examine previously hidden malicious behavior to create active cyber defense and go head-to-head against the adversaries.

"Network data, particularly from security platforms, often sits in silos and independently does not provide much insight for security analyst teams," said Robert Williams, 21CT chief product officer. "Organizations want to put this data to use and implement a more active cyber defense. The first step is the ability to easily collect the information and then fuse it together in order to immediately visualize interconnected links and patterns that lead an analyst to what was once undetectable malicious activity. LYNXeon's Sourcefire Connector now adds the powerful information and insight gained from this leading IPS vendor, helping you gain greater operational security intelligence and move your defenses from reactive to proactive."

To understand how 21CT's security analytics and visualization solutions can enhance your operational security insight, schedule your LYNXeon demo today.

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