December 04, 2013 11:00 ET

21CT's LYNXeon Healthcare Fraud Detection Solution Combines the Power of Google Prediction With Advanced Data Analytics

Combination of Google Prediction, Machine Scoring, and Unified Advanced Data Analytics Enables 21CT to Drive Healthcare Fraud Detection From Pure Leads to Investigative-Ready Cases

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - Dec 4, 2013) - Today 21CT unveiled integration between the LYNXeon healthcare fraud detection analytics platform and the Google Prediction API. The integration provides another formidable fraud detection technique within LYNXeon unified data analytics approach. The complexities and increasing sophistication of today's healthcare fraud challenges dictate an advanced analytics approach that unifies proactive analytics with other advanced data analytics. 21CT's LYNXeon is the first and only fraud detection solution to unify machine scoring, raw data analytics, and the Google Prediction API with patented graph pattern matching, social relationship analysis, and intuitive visual display to develop leads into investigative-ready fraud cases.

See the power of LYNXeon plus Google Prediction in this series of product demonstrations.

Predictive Analytics Are Only A Start
Predictive analytics, particularly in healthcare fraud detection, are useful for generating alerts of possible fraud. Yet overreliance on analytical machine models and scoring methods alone has led to stacks of leads that no organization can keep up with, many being false positives. These false positives then contribute directly to inaccurate claims against legitimate providers who may withdraw from programs such as Medicaid, degrading the overall quality of care. However, when you combine predictive analytics and advanced data analytics such as graph pattern matching, enterprises and state program integrity officers can move beyond paralyzing leads and toward cases ready for rapid investigation and accurate action.

"Proven methods of fraud detection analytics, whether in Medicaid or other healthcare programs, dictate a unified analytics approach rather than a reliance on one analytic technique," explains Mike Hamilton, Director of Technical Marketing, 21CT. "By integrating the Google Prediction API with LYNXeon we further unify predictive machine learning models with graph pattern analytics. Investigators can now use the Google Prediction API through LYNXeon not only to generate new leads for examination, but also to enhance results for further expansion in LYNXeon at any time during an investigation. Healthcare fraud investigators demand a dynamic and integrated set of techniques, all working together in one product solution, that guide them from lead to investigation to a comprehensive case. Nobody else provides this level of unified analytics to arm those on the front lines in this battle against healthcare fraud."

See the power of LYNXeon plus Google Prediction in this series of product demonstrations.

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