Regional Tibetan Youth Congress of Toronto

Regional Tibetan Youth Congress of Toronto

May 10, 2011 21:20 ET

21st Day of Rally Hunger Strike at Chinese Consulate Toronto

Call to Invoke Your Conscience

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - May 10, 2011) - Moved by reports of armed military attack on Kirti Monastery in Tibet and followed by the arrest of over 400 of its monks and killing of many people by Armed Military in last month, Tibetan Youth Congress, Toronto Chapter started an indefinite Rally Hunger Strike in front of Chinese Consulate, Toronto from April 19, 2011 9am to draw the attention of international community.

A deliberate, systematic and officially sanctioned campaign of state terrorism has been launched against the people of Tibet especially in Ngaba region. Apart from magnitude of violence, the most poignant aspect of the situation is the acute suffering of the whole population caused by the frequent raids at the local residents, disregard of normal life, arrests, detentions and frequent disappearances of innocent civilians by the armed forces. Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has legalized its state-sponsored terrorism in Tibet by giving its forces powers to shoot to kill and humiliate the people and outrage their basic dignity. The people's pain is compounded by the silence and indifference of the world powers and the media of free world.

Three members of Central Executive Committee of TYC have taken a FAST UNTO DEATH in Delhi from April 25 ,2011 and their physical condition is deteriorating day by day. His Holiness the Dalai Lama has appealed to the international community to raise their voice against the terror tactics of CCP. The entire population of Ngaba County came out in the streets with their demand for withdrawal of armed military forces from the Monastery. We take this spontaneous upsurge of local Tibetan as an unmistakable expression of their resentment against the indifference of the Chinese Communist regime and their failure to respect the basic human rights in Tibet.

Please invoke your own sensitivity to the effect of the festering tragedy of monks of the Kirti Monastery and raise your voice against CCP by joining the Rally Hunger Strike at Chinese Consulate, 240 St. George St. Toronto (from 9am to 3pm (Monday to Friday).

Three members of TYC Centrex will be entering 17th day of the Fast on Tuesday, May 10, 2011 in Delhi so as 21st day of Rally Hunger Strike in Toronto. According to President of TYC, the physical condition of the three hunger strikers shows a clear sign of deterioration. Living only on water in 40+degree Celcius heat is daunting yet they remain resolute and determined in their endeavour.

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