July 03, 2009 01:00 ET

2.26 Million Britons Fight for Job Vacancies

CHORLEY, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - July 3, 2009) - With unemployment rising and the number of job vacancies falling, ClearStart warns that many Britons may have to seek a role with a lower income. The risk is that although they are working, they may not be able to afford their out goings and may put themselves into financial difficulty. If this is the case then getting debt advice early is key to gaining control of your debt. It can be the difference between keeping a roof over your head and losing your home.

Recent figures show that the number of job vacancies has fallen to 444,000 in the three months ending in May a decrease of 38,000 from the previous quarter and 230,000 below the previous year, this alarming drop is further impacting on the woes of out of work Britain.

Chris Moat, CEO of ClearStart said: "Unemployment is set to continue to rise and the average Britain is finding themselves having to make harsh decisions. Do you turn down a lower paid job and risk not having work at all, or do you wait until something comes along. For 2.26mn in Britain, this is the question they are asking themselves and it is the harsh reality that they are living with. For most this decision is made within 6 months, as most of those out of work, return to the workplace within this time but they often take with them debt built up whilst they are unemployed.

"If you do take a lower paid job, the impact can be huge, if a person had been earning Pounds Sterling 25k p.a. and took a job on Pounds Sterling 15,000 they would be Pounds Sterling 575 worse off a month, this could mean that after allowing for normal household expenditure they may fall behind with loan repayments. If this happens it is important that free debt advice is sought quickly."

ClearStart aims to help solve debt problems not just an ability to live with the debt. Recommendations are based on the individual situation and all advice is free. The website, offers practical advice for people and provides an online application form or there is a ClearStart freephone telephone helpline available on 0800 954 6327.

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