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September 19, 2007 09:00 ET

245 g/t Gold, Visible Gold-Timmins West Project-Melkior Resources MKR:TSXV

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 19, 2007) - Melkior Resources (TSX VENTURE:MKR) is pleased to present results for 92 rock samples from the 1010 Vein system on the 100% owned Timmins West Property. The 1010 Vein is located 800 metres southwest of the ZamZam Zone discovery area where sampling returned 843 g/t Gold (News Release Sept 6, 2007).

The following is a summary of assays received from the 1010 Vein:

37 of the 92 samples exceeded 10.0 g/t Gold

28 of the 92 samples exceeded 28.0 g/t Gold

11of the 92 samples exceeded 100.0 g/t Gold

The maximum assay was 245.03 g/t Gold

Selected widths of the mineralized system include:

34.45 g/t Gold over 0.6 metres

28.08 g/t Gold over 0.9 metres

6.34 g/t Gold over 0.9 metres

3.53 g/t Gold over 1.9 metres

Visible Gold was observed within the 1010 vein

Trenching in the 1010 vein area was undertaken to expose the vein between two historic shafts located 60 metres apart, and to determine vein continuity to the north and south of these shafts. The 1010 area was considered to have considerable exploration potential due to the co-location of a significant multi-line Induced Polarization (IP) anomaly extending northeast from the northern shaft and significant Gold assays obtained by Melkior in 2006 (163.03 g/t Gold in News Release October 6, 2006). Trenching has determined that the 1010 vein enters a shear zone 25 metres north of the north shaft where it is rotated to the east. The 1010 veins trend and location is co-incident at this point with an IP anomaly extending to the northeast.

Assay results, geologic structure, and proximity indicate a strong relationship between the 1010 Vein orientation and the co-incident IP anomaly. The IP anomaly extends in excess of 100 metres northeast of the northern end of the 1010 vein. Within the intrusive host on this property a very strong positive relationship has been observed between sulphide content and Gold assays. The strong IP anomaly indicates a significant zone of sulphide concentration could bepresent within 100 metres of the surface. This represents a high priority drill target.

At the south end of the trench the 1010 vein system was observed to swing 90 degrees to the west and it's characteristics change significantly. Mineralized widths in this area are up to 1.9 metres. Assay results from the southern limit of the trench returned 13.20 g/t. Mineralization continues to the west beyond the limit of the trench which was stopped due to water and overburden issues. The last result, at the end of trench was 13.20 g/t.

The samples presented in the following table were taken along a 150 metre section of trench with samples obtained approximately every two metres. Samples submitted for analysis were obtained using a chisel over the indicated sample width, with the exception of MKR-WTK-B117, B155, B185, B197, B198, B199 designated grab samples.

Exploration activity on the Timmins property is on going with continued sampling from additional areas trenched during the summer program. Planning is underway for a minimum 2000 meter drill program to commence as soon as possible based on drill availability. The IP survey has identified three moderate and five strong IP anomalies: one of the IP anomalies is adjacent to the ZamZam Zone; one IP anomaly co-indices with the northern end of the 1010 Vein; a third IP anomaly is in the Shenkman occurrence area. These IP anomalies will be drilled along with five strong IP anomalies that are not co-incident with known gold occurrences.

Samples were submitted to Bourlamaque Assay Laboratories of Val d'Or , Quebec for assay using the standard fire assay technique with a gravimetric finish.

The field work and sampling was done by Wade Kornik , geologist with the help of Pierre C. Robert of Ranger Exploration in Timmins. This news release was prepared by Jens E. Hansen , P. Eng, President Melkior Resources Inc., a Qualified Person under Article 43-101.

1010 Vein Assay Results

Sample Number Assay Summary
MKR-WTK-B107 1.93 g/t Au over 0.1meters
MKR-WTK-B108 0.00 g/t Au over 0.1meters
Sample Cross Section 0.97 g/t Au over 0.2meters

MKR-WTK-B109 4.99 g/t Au grab sample

MKR-WTK-B110 4.71 g/t Au over 0.2meters
MKR-WTK-B111 44.37 g/t Au over 0.15meters
MKR-WTK-B112 0.00 g/t Au over 0.2meters
Sample Cross Section 12.10 g/t Au over 0.55meters

MKR-WTK-B113 64.95 g/t Au over 0.04meters
MKR-WTK-B114 4.37 g/t Au over 0.08meters
Sample Cross Section 24.56 g/t Au over 0.12meters

MKR-WTK-B115 30.15 g/t Au over 0.2meters

MKR-WTK-B116 42.32 g/t Au over 0.2meters

MKR-WTK-B117 37.03 g/t Au grab sample

MKR-WTK-B118 0.10 g/t Au over 0.2meters
MKR-WTK-B119 93.77 g/t Au over 0.1meters
Sample Cross Section 31.32 g/t Au over 0.3meters

MKR-WTK-B120 131.51 g/t Au over 0.1meters

MKR-WTK-B121 89.26 g/t Au over 0.1meters
MKR-WTK-B122 72.81 g/t Au over 0.1meters

MKR-WTK-B123 0.33 g/t Au over 0.3meters

MKR-WTK-B124 0.00 g/t Au over 0.5meters
MKR-WTK-B125 28.54 g/t Au over 0.2meters
MKR-WTK-B126 0.00 g/t Au over 0.2meters
Sample Cross Section 6.34 g/t Au over 0.9meters

MKR-WTK-B127 0.00 g/t Au over 0.4meters
MKR-WTK-B128 12.01 g/t Au over 0.15meters
MKR-WTK-B129 0.27 g/t Au over 0.4meters
Sample Cross Section 2.01 g/t Au over 0.95meters

MKR-WTK-B130 35.77 g/t Au over 0.1meters

MKR-WTK-B131 29.93 g/t Au over 0.1meters

MKR-WTK-B132 22.02 g/t Au over 0.1meters

MKR-WTK-B133 16.87 g/t Au over 0.1meters

MKR-WTK-B134 190.00 g/t Au over 0.1meters

MKR-WTK-B135 17.84 g/t Au over 0.1meters

MKR-WTK-B136 5.64 g/t Au over 0.4meters

MKR-WTK-B137 8.33 g/t Au over 0.2meters

MKR-WTK-B138 0.00 g/t Au over 0.6meters

MKR-WTK-B139 0.33 g/t Au over 0.4meters
MKR-WTK-B140 6.85 g/t Au over 0.2meters
MKR-WTK-B141 1.77 g/t Au over 0.4meters
Sample Cross Section 2.08 g/t Au over 1meters

MKR-WTK-B142 0.67 g/t Au over 0.8meters

MKR-WTK-B143 0.40 g/t Au over 0.2meters

MKR-WTK-B144 1.17 g/t Au over 0.4meters
MKR-WTK-B145 3.36 g/t Au over 0.4meters
MKR-WTK-B146 2.60 g/t Au over 0.3meters
Sample Cross Section 1.93 g/t Au over 1.1meters

MKR-WTK-B147 5.81 g/t Au over 0.4meters
MKR-WTK-B148 4.23 g/t Au over 0.4meters
MKR-WTK-B149 0.17 g/t Au over 0.3meters
Sample Cross Section 1.58 g/t Au over 1.1meters

MKR-WTK-B150 1.67 g/t Au over 1meters
MKR-WTK-B151 1.33 g/t Au over 0.5meters
Sample Cross Section 1.56 g/t Au over 1.5meters

MKR-WTK-B152 1.47 g/t Au over 1meters
MKR-WTK-B153 2.84 g/t Au over 0.5meters
MKR-WTK-B154 13.20 g/t Au over 0.4meters
Sample Cross Section 3.53 g/t Au over 1.9meters

MKR-WTK-B155 0.00 g/t Au over bouldermeters

MKR-WTK-B156 0.63 g/t Au over 0.5meters
MKR-WTK-B157 7.84 g/t Au over 0.3meters
MKR-WTK-B158 0.00 g/t Au over 0.4meters
MKR-WTK-B159 0.00 g/t Au over 0.3meters
MKR-WTK-B160 0.10 g/t Au over 0.5meters
MKR-WTK-B161 0.13 g/t Au over 0.3meters
Sample Cross Section 0.08 g/t Au over 1.1meters

MKR-WTK-B162 0.00 g/t Au over 0.3meters
MKR-WTK-B163 13.78 g/t Au over 0.03meters
MKR-WTK-B164 1.20 g/t Au over 0.4meters
Sample Cross Section 1.22 g/t Au over 0.73meters

MKR-WTK-B165 5.70 g/t Au over 0.1meters

MKR-WTK-B166 0.67 g/t Au over 0.35meters
MKR-WTK-B167 49.47 g/t Au over 0.08meters
Sample Cross Section 7.91 g/t Au over 0.53meters

MKR-WTK-B168 40.79 g/t Au over 0.05meters
MKR-WTK-B169 0.67 g/t Au over 0.4meters
Sample Cross Section 2.18 g/t Au over 1.06meters

MKR-WTK-B170 0.00 g/t Au over 0.3meters
MKR-WTK-B171 0.00 g/t Au over 0.1meters
MKR-WTK-B172 40.75 g/t Au over 0.05meters
MKR-WTK-B173 0.00 g/t Au over 0.35meters
Sample Cross Section 4.08 g/t Au over 0.5meters

MKR-WTK-B174 68.48 g/t Au over 0.1meters

MKR-WTK-B175 14.91 g/t Au over 0.1meters

MKR-WTK-B176 100.83 g/t Au over 0.1meters

MKR-WTK-B177 51.95 g/t Au over 0.1meters

MKR-WTK-B178 96.43 g/t Au over 0.15meters

MKR-WTK-B179 194.18 g/t Au over 0.15meters

MKR-WTK-B180 4.26 g/t Au over 0.35meters

MKR-WTK-B181 178.10 g/t Au over 0.15meters

MKR-WTK-B182 167.18 g/t Au over 0.15meters

MKR-WTK-B183 113.67 g/t Au over 0.15meters

MKR-WTK-B184 208.37 g/t Au over 0.15meters

MKR-WTK-B185 0.57 g/t Au grab

MKR-WTK-B186 245.03 g/t Au over 0.15meters

MKR-WTK-B187 6.36 g/t Au over 0.15meters
MKR-WTK-B188 0.93 g/t Au over 0.3meters
MKR-WTK-B189 135.95 g/t Au over 0.15meters
Sample Cross Section 34.45 g/t Au over 0.6meters

MKR-WTK-B190 4.53 g/t Au over 0.4meters
MKR-WTK-B191 0.83 g/t Au over 0.3meters
MKR-WTK-B192 125.12 g/t Au over 0.2meters
Sample Cross Section 28.08 g/t Au over 0.9meters

MKR-WTK-B193 25.18 g/t Au over 0.1meters

MKR-WTK-B194 14.20 g/t Au over 0.4meters

MKR-WTK-B195 4.26 g/t Au over 0.2meters

MKR-WTK-B196 6.03 g/t Au over 0.35meters

MKR-WTK-B197 1.30 g/t Au grab

MKR-WTK-B198 2.53 g/t Au grab

MKR-WTK-B199 0.00 g/t Au boulder

The field work and sampling was done by Wade Kornik, geologist with the help of Pierre C. Robert of Ranger Exploration in Timmins. This news release was prepared by Jens E. Hansen, P. Eng, President Melkior Resources Inc., a Qualified Person under NI 43-101.

About Melkior:

Melkior is exploring for minerals in Quebec and Ontario. Timmins is becoming a larger focus of the company where gold exploration is underway and more claims have been acquired for nickel, copper and gold in Eldorado, Langmuir and adjoining townships. These claims adjoin Liberty Mines Inc and Golden Chalice Resources Inc. In Quebec Melkior owns 49% of the Kenty Delta nickel copper PGE deposits in partnership with Xstrata Nickel, 100% of the Launay gold project and 50% in partnership with Santoy Resources Ltd of the Otish uranium properties. These properties are all being actively explored.

This press release may contain forward-looking statements that are subject to known and unknown risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to vary materially from targeted results. Such risks and uncertainties include those described in Melkior's periodic reports including the annual report or in the filings made by Melkior from time to time with securities regulations. Melkior undertakes no obligation to publicly release the result of any revision of these forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances after the date they are made or to reflect the occurrence of unanticipated events.

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