August 23, 2006 13:55 ET

29-Year-Old Virgin Turns to JANE Magazine to Help Her Get Lucky Before the Clock Strikes 30

JANE Magazine Launches a "Sarah Needs You" Website Dedicated to Helping Sarah Lose the Big "V"

NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 23, 2006 -- While "every harlot was a virgin once," few women maintain their chastity into adulthood. JANE magazine,, built for the 20-something woman who is gutsy, cool and smart, is on a crusade to help Sarah DiMuro, a self-professed 29-year-old virgin, get deflowered before her 30th birthday on November 7th.

Sarah DiMuro, a pretty, blonde comedian who lives and works in New York City, contacted JANE to help her find the right guy to have sex with. DiMuro is from Cranston, Rhode Island. She graduated from Smith College and currently resides in a women-only hotel in Manhattan where gentlemen callers cannot go beyond the "courting parlor."

"I am a girl who is not particularly religious nor prudish or shy, but I was a complete and utter dork growing up," says Sarah DiMuro. "I had braces, teenage acne, and experienced social shyness and, as a result, only attended all women's educational institutions. I have wonderful parents and come from a great background, but just never really got a chance to, well, 'do it.' I've decided that enough time has been wasted, so I turned to JANE to help me find my first lover. I never thought I'd be approaching my 30th birthday as a virgin who hasn't found a meaningful connection, but here I am."

"When our readers reach out for help, we're here to guide them through life's challenges," said Brandon Holley, JANE 's editor-in-chief. "Sarah DiMuro reached out to JANE asking for our assistance in finding her a man worthy of leaving her chastity behind. We'll do what it takes to get the job done!"

The magazine's web site will feature a "Sarah Needs You" section at, dedicated to helping Sarah find the right guy. Readers are invited to nominate candidates to date Sarah and can browse through a slideshow of Sarah's potential suitors displayed in her digital black book. Sarah's Dating Blog will feature her commentary after every date. The "Pick Sarah's Date" feature offers web readers the ability to vote on who Sarah goes out with next.

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