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February 23, 2016 18:53 ET

3 Thought Leaders to Consider When Learning to Become a Thought Leader

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - February 23, 2016) - Having a good thought leader to back and champion your brand is everything. It can mean having the kind of customer engagement plan, social media presence, and blogging practice you know you need to turn customers into brand evangelists. Cultivating the skills of an effective and influential thought leader, however, is tricky. For one, it takes a thought leader who knows how to use what he or she already has. It also takes a thought leader who can see the importance of writing an eBook for major eTailers, blogging regularly, becoming a social media expert, and of seeking out events and conferences to speak at. 

But the fact is, there's no instructional manual or guide to becoming a thought leader. Thought leaders are made from a cocktail of natural talent, acquired talent, innovation, intellect, intuitiveness and circumstance. Here are some of the people who exude that perfect combo:

The truth is, while RosettaBrand's consultations might consider tried-and-tested formulas and trends for thought leadership success, we champion ourselves on our desire to think outside the box. There is no one-dimensional recipe for achievement as a thought leader. The pathway to becoming a thought leader is specific to every brand and company. What RosettaBrand does is consider your brand story, how you should tell it, who should tell it, who you should tell it to, where you should tell it and why.

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