SOURCE: Entrepreneur Dr. Robert B. Pamplin Jr.

May 16, 2016 11:00 ET

3 Tips for Career Success From Robert B. Pamplin, Jr.

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwired - May 16, 2016) - Robert B. Pamplin Jr., America's foremost diversified entrepreneur, shares three essentials for career advancement. Pamplin encourages all businesspersons to be independent and self-reliant, essentially thinking of themselves as entrepreneurs regardless of their employment situation.

"When it comes to career advancement, I have found that three factors accelerate promotion and foster success," said Pamplin. "Those three basics are ability, desire and availability. If kept in mind and reinforced daily, they will garner fantastic results."

Pamplin explains these factors' importance in career advancement as follows:

1. Ability. This means having the mental, and often physical, capacity to excel. However, if you feel you are not as capable as your competition, you must be confident in knowing that you can make up any difference by outworking and outthinking your challengers.

2. Desire. Sheer determination is the most important factor in success. You must have the will to work harder than anyone else.

3. Availability. Desire and ability create availability. If you want something bad enough and have the mental and physical drive, you will make the time to work, learn and grow as a businessperson.

For more than 50 years, Pamplin has been dedicated to entrepreneurship and inspiring others to embrace possibility and make positive changes. To learn more about Pamplin and his entrepreneurial endeavors, visit and

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Robert B. Pamplin Jr. has earned eight degrees -- including two doctorates -- in business, economics, accounting, education and theology. He has been honored nationally as a businessman, philanthropist, ordained minister, educator, historical preservationist and author of 24 books and comic books, including two book-of-the-month club selections. Pamplin's business interests include media (the Portland Tribune and 25 community newspapers), textiles, construction and agriculture. He has been awarded many honorary degrees and featured in national magazines, in newspapers and on television. He has served on presidential and state commissions, and he has been chairman of the board of trustees of three colleges. Pamplin is widely recognized as America's leading historical preservationist and foremost diversified entrepreneur. For more information, visit For more information about Pamplin's preservation efforts, visit

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