Canada Economic Development

Canada Economic Development

November 12, 2010 14:06 ET

$30 million Awarded to Date for Quebec, $2.4 Million of it for Bas-Saint-Laurent

Temporary Initiative for the Strengthening of Quebec's Forest Economies

RIMOUSKI, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Nov. 12, 2010) - Acting on behalf of the Honourable Denis Lebel, Minister of State for Canada Economic Development, Bernard Généreux, Member of Parliament for Montmagny–L'Islet–Kamouraska–Rivière-du-Loup, today gave a first progress report on the financial assistance awarded to the Bas-Saint-Laurent region under the Temporary Initiative for the Strengthening of Quebec's Forest Economies (TISQFE). To date, $30 million has been invested in Quebec as a whole. In the Bas-Saint-Laurent region, $2,439,732 in federal funding has been granted to 11 projects under this initiative. These projects will generate investments of $9,372,852 and their proponents expect that 195 jobs will be created and maintained.

"This report clearly illustrates our government's determination to sustain our industries, create employment and stimulate the economic growth of our regions. I invite more Bas-Saint-Laurent companies and organizations to submit their projects to us," said Mr. Généreux.

The TISQFE, which came into force this past June, is aimed at helping communities affected by the forestry crisis diversify their economies in order to secure their growth and create and maintain employment. "Its goal is also to support small and medium-sized businesses in these communities in their efforts to ensure their survival and sustainable development," Mr. Généreux concluded.

The $30 million will serve to carry out 79 projects across Quebec. These projects will generate investments of close to $115 million in the various regions affected by the forestry crisis and their proponents estimate that 1,645 jobs will be created and maintained. 

The TISQFE is one of a series of measures our government has introduced in recent months to mitigate the effects of the forestry crisis. Others include the $1 billion granted to the Pulp and Paper Green Transformation Program to help enterprises carry out environmentally-friendly projects within their facilities and the $230 million invested, in collaboration with the Government of Quebec, for silvicultural work and the restoration of bridges and culverts on forest roads. Workers are also benefiting from their fair share of support, with the Government of Canada introducing some of the most generous measures in history to help them through the economic crisis.

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Report on projects funded through the
Temporary Initiative for the Strengthening of Quebec's Forest Economies
Promoter   Description - Investment - Contribution
La Fédération des gestionnaires de rivières à saumon du Québec Inc. (GRSQ)   Non-repayable contribution of $552,750 on a total investment of $997,000. This organization's mission is to represent the interests of Quebec's salmon river operators and promote the sustainable development of the salmon fishery, an industry that generates more than $40 million in annual economic spinoffs in Quebec, mainly in the Bas-Saint-Laurent, Gaspésie–Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Saguenay─Lac-St-Jean, Charlevoix, Nord-du-Québec and Côte-Nord regions. The salmon fishery is a unique and highly-popular tourism product among clients outside Quebec. This project involves carrying out a 34-month salmon sport fishing marketing plan to promote the product to the sport fishing clientele outside Quebec and to increase spinoffs from the sector. The funds granted will be used to conduct press tours, create promotional tools, advertise and intensify Web marketing activities.  
Les Amis des Jardins de Métis
  Non-repayable contribution of $500,000 on a total investment of $926,000. As property owner of Reford Gardens, Les Amis des Jardins de Métis is committing to preserving the heritage and horticultural value of this nationally-acclaimed site. This project involves carrying out landscaping work, adding small pavilions and improving buildings in the historical gardens in order to maintain the high standards that have earned the site a solid reputation and have made it a major tourist draw for the region. 
Damabois Inc.
  Repayable contribution of $75,325 on a total investment of $257,600. Damabois Inc. is a forest products company specializing in the manufacture of certified aspen wood pallets and graded lumber. The company's project involves the purchase of a dip tank to protect the wood pallets and lumber from discoloration and deterioration while awaiting delivery.
F.R.C.E. Inc.
Les Méchins
  Repayable contribution of $91,292 on a total investment of $314,378. F.R.C.E. Inc. is a subcontracting firm specializing in the manufacture and refurbishment of wind turbine components. The company, which develops prototypes and manufactures reinforced fibreglass pods, has started up a new blade refurbishing division. This funding from Canada Economic Development will enable the enterprise to acquire the equipment needed to launch the new division, including a gantry for factory handling of the blades.

Groupement forestier de Témiscouata Inc.
  Repayable contribution of $153,000 on a total investment of $255,000. Groupement forestier de Témiscouata Inc., the largest forestry entrepreneur in Témiscouata, plans and executes a variety of forest work for sawmill operators and woodlot owners. To diversify its operations and position itself in the emerging forest biomass sector, the company has undertaken to purchase a mobile chipper in order to convert logging residues into biomass for industrial and institutional heating.
Les produits PBM Ltd
  Repayable contribution of $73,500 on a total investment of $200,000. Les Produits PBM Ltd is a manufacturer of residential and commercial construction components specializing in farm roofs, prefabricated walls and open web trusses. The company's project involves the purchase and installation of new in-factory manufacturing equipment, including a rafter table with laser projection system, as well as the development of a second prefabricated wall production line to meet increased customer demand.
Groupe NBG Inc.
  Repayable contribution of $400,000 on a total investment of $4,600,000. Groupe NBG Inc. is one of Quebec's largest aspen sawmills. The company specializes in the cutting and sale of value-added aspen wood (graded lumber, pallet components). The enterprise's project to raise its production capacity and productivity involves adding an optimizer, replacing outdated machinery with higher-performance equipment and reconfiguring the entire production area. As well as maintaining jobs, this project will enable the company to offer its employees more work hours.
JustBIO Inc.
La Pocatière

  Contribution of $199,500 ($99,750 of it repayable) on a total investment of $282,800. JustBIO Inc. is a fledgling biotechnology firm working out of the Centre de développement bioalimentaire du Québec (CDBQ) in La Pocatière. Specializing in the research, development and sale of plant-based organic health foods and ingredients, the company is looking to market new health drinks made from organic plants grown in Quebec. This project involves supporting the firm's startup by enabling it to carry out pre-commercialization activities, protect its R&D intellectual property rights and acquire laboratory equipment.
Total Fabrication Inc.
  Repayable contribution of $75,000 on a total investment of $715,000. Total Fabrication Inc. develops, manufactures and sells high-quality biodegradable and environmentally-friendly cleaning products. The company's project centres on the acquisition of high-efficiency equipment for a new bottling line in order to raise its production capacity.
Créations Verbois Inc.

  Repayable contribution of $185,000 on a total investment of $479,360. Créations Verbois Inc. specializes in the large-scale manufacture of medium- to high-end home furniture made from wood, glass and aluminum and sold in all major cities from Halifax to Vancouver. The company's project to bolster its production capacity and productivity involves purchasing new manufacturing and computer equipment and carrying out various interior plant improvements. 
Bruno Santerre Inc.
  Repayable contribution of $134,365 on a total investment of $345,714. Bruno Santerre Inc. manufactures, sells and repairs tanning beds. The company's products are distributed throughout Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes. As part of its expansion project, the firm was looking to raise its production capacity and productivity. Financial assistance was therefore granted to help the enterprise acquire digitally-controlled equipment (metal press and punch) in order to increase the number of in-factory operations, reduce manufacturing delays and raise product quality.  
Total number of projects funded: 11
Total contributions from Canada Economic Development: $2,439,732
Total investment generated by these projects: $9,372,852

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