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June 06, 2012 09:00 ET

30,000 Brains Are Better Than One: Alleyoop's New Super Brain Helps Kids Learn Better

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - Jun 6, 2012) - Think about your favorite teacher -- she likely does a great job reading how you're doing and scaling the work appropriately. What makes her guidance even more effective is the classroom setting, where other students can chime in and create a collective learning environment.

This dynamic doesn't translate well into the online learning world. Until now.

Today Alleyoop -- the online, game-infused way to get students ready for college -- is rolling out its new recommendation engine. Whoa, recommendation engine, sounds geeky. Well, it is.

Think of your favorite robot. Let's go with R2D2. When R2D2 was initially programmed, it had loads of useful information in it. But as it traveled around the galaxy, it encountered people and picked up all sorts of new stuff, like that sweet hologram of Princess Leia. And all that acquired knowledge helped the rebels win!

The Alleyoop recommendation engine is our R2D2.

When we launched Alleyoop, like R2D2, it had a big brain. Over the last few months more than 30,000 students have been pounding on it. And Alleyoop is learning, using the collective intelligence of all these heads to make everyone smarter. It's the Super Brain!

"Alleyoop's game-driven approach makes kids actually want to drill deeper into math," said Patrick Supanc, president of Alleyoop. "Now that our recommendation engine has tens of thousands more inputs, the learning experience becomes even more powerful. It balances curriculum with 'crowd learning' to generate an ongoing, personalized path for kids to succeed."

Here's how it works. Alleyoop mixes curriculum (what kids should be learning based on academic standards) with how kids are learning on the site. The site learns from every little struggle and triumph to make smarter recommendations on what to do next, even predicting the areas where kids may need more of a boost. Every kid's experience with the site is rolled into a kind of collective "memory bank." The result: a super-intelligent system that learns from every teen it teaches.

There are loads of reasons why Alleyoop's Super Brain rocks for teens, but one real biggie is saving time. Students need help, but wind up wasting time on Google searches, reading the wrong material or watching an irrelevant video. This is why it takes so long each night to do homework, not to mention figuring out linear equations for that big test. Alleyoop lays out the right path to help kids get smarter about math, stat!

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