Four Leaf Solutions Inc.

Four Leaf Solutions Inc.

October 15, 2010 15:44 ET

33 Miners Rescued 17 Days Late? Four Leaf Solutions Inc.

SUDBURY, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 15, 2010) - With mine safety making international headlines, Four Leaf Solutions Inc. (FLS), a Canadian mining technology company based in Sudbury Ontario, is ecstatic about the successful rescue in Chile however argues that the miners could have been rescued up to 17 days earlier.

With integrated tracking and communication technology available today, the mine operators should have been able to identify exactly where the miners were at the time of the incident, not 17 days later. The vital technology would have made it faster and easier to deliver critical air, supplies and communications while allowing for immediate rescue efforts to begin. 

MineTracker, Four Leaf Solutions' latest product is delivering the largest impact the industry has seen in decades. MineTracker integrates mining hardware/software with a specific focus on safety and control.

"MineTracker makes critical improvements to safety procedures by integrating location data with telemetry and communications", says Robert Dutchman, Senior Project Manager.

The affordable, all-in-one application allows operators to monitor and control fixed/mobile location tracking, ventilation, belts, vehicles, gas detection, and seismic activity within one easy-to-use interface. The software has been built to communicate with Leaky Feeder, WiFi, and/or fiber systems with connections to multiple manufacturers' products.

"This is what the mining industry needs today. Our governments need to aggressively change safety requirements; lets keep the workers safe and enhance the control of our mines", says Bob Lavergne, MineTracker Product Manager and Partner. "17 days to locate the miners is too long."

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