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January 18, 2012 09:00 ET

33Across Releases First Ever Cross-Industry Benchmarks on Brand and Direct Response Lift

The Brand Graph™ Study Reveals Surprising Results for Auto, CPG, Entertainment, Financial, and Retail

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Jan 18, 2012) -

33Across, the leading brand platform, today released Brand Graph marketing performance findings from Q3-Q4 of 2011. During this period, advertisers made key discoveries about the social behavior and preferences of their loyalists and prospects via the Brand Graph. First-time Brand Graph marketers gleaned new and surprising insights into their audience, resulting in smarter marketing strategies and overall campaign performance. Findings include:

  • Brands that marketed to consumers in their respective Brand Graph returned between 15 - 77% increase in brand lift and 20 - 151% lift in direct response metrics.
  • Brands were able to predict groups of new consumers likely to become brand loyal that were 7 - 30 times larger than their existing audience segments.

The Brand Graph Strategy:
Moving New Audiences Into & Through the Purchase Funnel

  • 33Across builds a Brand Graph for each of its advertiser clients, which is the real-time network of people who are predicted to be and become brand loyal based on their social ties and interest-based connections with a marketer's existing customers.
  • Agencies and brands use the data trends and insights revealed in their Brand Graph to identify millions of new brand loyalists and to inform and guide their overall advertising strategy and spend.



Consumers identified in Automotive category Graphs are among the most socially connected on the web and are extremely influential within their social circles. Given the high trend in video and search activity, Auto manufacturers would be best poised to include search-driven video into their marketing plans.
Average Audience Size • Predicted Brand Loyalists: 16,023,723
• Audience Expansion: 7.6x
Key Consumer Insights • Frequent searchers (4% more than other verticals)
• Highly influential
• Avid video viewers
Brand Lift • Substantial lift in engagement across video and IAB campaigns for luxury, economy, and eco-friendly car types
Direct Response • 20% - 56% lift in driving site traffic, dealer look-ups, and e-brochure requests


Consumers within the CPG Brand Graphs share more content online than in any other category. CPG brands stand to gain substantial lift in awareness and word of mouth influence by marketing to these consumers.
Average Audience Size • Predicted Brand Loyalists: 14,340,770
• Audience Expansion: 12.2x
Key Consumer Insights • Heavy content sharers (9% more than other verticals)
• Highly influential
• Consistent searchers
Brand Lift • 42% increase in purchase intent when consumers in the Brand Graph were exposed to advertising creative vs. the control
Direct Response • 150% improvement against cost-per-acquisition goals
• 3.5x increase in click-through-rate


Consumers in the Entertainment category are very active video viewers compared to other categories. Also noteworthy is how actively they read and comment on blogs, a space where Entertainment brands can expect to reach their next likely customers.
Average Audience Size • Predicted Brand Loyalists: 45,318,169
• Audience Expansion: 8.3x
Key Consumer Insights • Dedicated blog readers and commenters (10% more than other verticals)
• Avid video viewers
• Large social networks
Brand Lift • 77% increase in tune-in
Direct Response • 35% improvement against cost-per-acquisition goal


Financial Services advertisers are consistently surprised by the large amount of content that is shared by consumers in this category. It is increasingly important for these advertisers to motivate their loyalists to talk about their brands, as most people make financial decisions based on personal referral.
Average Audience Size • Predicted Brand Loyalists: 22,665,331
• Audience Expansion: 5.4x
Key Consumer Insights • Expansive social networks (13% larger than other verticals)
• Regular blog readers and commenters
• Active content sharers
Brand Lift • 25% improvement against cost-per-view goal
Direct Response • 24% improvement against direct response goal


Based on the consumption habits of consumers in the Retail Graphs, marketers should consider investing in video, despite its higher cost and CPM model. Not surprisingly, search-driven display advertising is often recommended for retailers.
Average Audience Size • Predicted Brand Loyalists: 46,302,147
• Audience Expansion: 7.0x
Key Consumer Insights • Heavy video viewers (15% more than other verticals)
• Highly influential
• Regular searchers
Brand Lift • 56.2% average lift in purchase intent
Direct Response • 240% return-on-ad-spend
• 53% improvement against cost-per-acquisition goal

Q3-Q4 2011 Category Insights Report


  • Existing Audience: the average number of consumers that have been identified as loyal to a given brand.
  • Predicted Audience: the average number of consumers that the Brand Graph predicts can become brand loyal.
  • Influence: the overall propensity for consumers to share, search, and consume media relative to the size of their network.
  • Blog/Consumption: the overall propensity for consumers to read, craft, and contribute to blog content.
  • Search: how much consumers search for content online.
  • Sharing: how likely consumers are to share content online with other consumers they are connected to.
  • Viewership: how much video content consumers watch online

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