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August 10, 2016 17:20 ET

$35 Million Solar-Powered Mixed-Use Facility Is Now Open

Elite Sports Complex, Office Space and Storage Facility in Ladera Ranch Completed on Time and Under Budget

LADERA RANCH, CA--(Marketwired - Aug 10, 2016) - The $35 million, technologically advanced mixed-use facility in Ladera Ranch, Calif. is complete -- on time and under budget. The approximately 120,000-square-foot complex, located on Terrace Road, includes the Ladera Sports Center, a 63,000-square-foot gymnasium; a 42,000-square-foot self storage facility; and more than 15,000 square feet of office space.

"We are extremely excited to have completed construction on this amazing mixed-use development and pleased to be able to provide a vast array of benefits to our local community," said H. Michael Schwartz, CEO/chairman of SmartStop Asset Management, who designed, financed and owns the facility. "Our new SmartStop state-of-the-art headquarters will help us continue to grow and prosper."

The Ladera Sports Center, an elite air-conditioned training facility, features eight basketball and volleyball courts, video cameras to record all games and practices, noise reduction systems, superior wood flooring, ample spectator seats per court, 300 parking spaces (half of them covered), a student study room, free Wi-Fi and a café serving healthy snacks and drinks. Located at 2 Terrace Road, this new gymnasium offers live webcast-enabled cameras on each court, which will allow parents and sports team scouts to watch games or practices remotely or buy recorded DVDs. The steel-frame building is constructed podium-style, with the sports complex on the second floor and parking beneath. Ample use of glass and skylights allow for extensive natural light.

The fourth-floor office space, which will be home to Smartstop Asset Management, offers amazing views, including ocean vistas. Accessed by two dedicated secure elevators, the loft-style space, located at 10 Terrace Road, has open ceilings, huge windows and glass walls that allow natural light into the majority of the space. Automatic blinds attached to solar sensors on the roof control the incoming light. Four high-tech conference rooms, a large break room, a 26-station call center and a server room with hot and cold aisle systems for maximum efficiency are also on the fourth floor.

The storage facility is built adjacent to an existing storage facility and linked with a road so storage customers have a separate entrance.

"Concept-wise, a private sports center like this has not been built anywhere that I'm aware of, at least not in California," said Richard Lutzky of Lutzky Associates Development, who oversaw the entire project. "By making it a mixed-use project, we were able to underwrite the cost to use revenue from the storage and office to offset a large portion of the construction costs. That's the secret sauce. Without the office and storage, the sports center wouldn't have been able to stand by itself economically."

The mixed-use facility, on approximately four acres on Terrace Road near the intersection of Crown Valley Parkway and Antonio Parkway in Southern California's Ladera Ranch, is powered by 1,100 solar panels and is built to pursue the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards.

"This project presented some very unique planning and architectural design challenges," said architect Robert R. Coffee, principal of Robert R. Coffee Architect + Associates. "The building integrates three disparate uses and is designed to communicate the energy associated with a sports center and to unify the three disparate uses into one dynamic, memorable image by using a combination of brightly colored smooth-faced and corrugated metal panels, colored porcelain tiles and clear, translucent glass."

According to R.D. Olson Construction, the general contractor of the mixed-use facility, the company's goal is to continually look for projects that positively impact the surrounding community.

"Throughout our work on the Ladera facility, our team was able to utilize the expertise we've developed as a result of our many other mixed-use projects to navigate the complexities of constructing a property with many uses and intricacies and deliver an end-product that will provide a much-needed resource to the community," said Bill Wilhelm, president of R.D. Olson Construction.

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Founded in 2015, Ladera Sports Center is a multi-sport facility dedicated to providing top-class indoor programs and events. The center enhances experiences by partnering with customers to facilitate sporting events, programs and rentals. The goal of the center is to improve young athletes' and parents' experiences and promote healthy lifestyles for both youth and adults. The state-of-the-art facility offers TV monitors so spectators can view live games from different angles, video recording during games and practices, and live webcasts that stream games across the Internet. Learn more at

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Robert R. Coffee Architect + Associates is a multi-disciplined, design-oriented architectural firm established in 1995 to provide professional services in architecture, planning and interior design. Located in Newport Beach, Robert R. Coffee Architect + Associates is currently servicing projects in California, Louisiana and Texas. With a stated goal of creating meaningful and inspiring places for people to live, work and play, the firm's work has been focused on both public buildings and specialty corporate office projects.

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