360 Enterprise Software

360 Enterprise Software

August 31, 2010 11:30 ET

360 Enterprise Software (a Division of Mecanica Solutions Inc.) and EnVizTec Pty Ltd Announces Partnership to Launch a Groundbreaking PLM & Process Optimization Solution in Asia Pacific

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Aug. 31, 2010) - Mecanica Solutions Inc., an industry leading provider of engineering solutions & services to aerospace, automotive and manufacturing firms, announced a business partnership with EnVizTec Pty Ltd. Under this agreement, EnVizTec will market, sell and support the full suite of 360 Enterprise Software solutions to the Asia Pacific market – including Australia and New Zealand. The business partnership is a milestone for Mecanica/360 Enterprise Software providing a gateway into the rapidly expanding market. "We're excited to enter that market with a strong partner such as EnVizTec leading the charge. Because our software is remarkably versatile, either as a stand-alone solution or to compliment to existing technologies, 360 will enable EnVizTec to stand out even further to enhance them as a provider of high-level technological solutions and enhance EnVizTec's status as a trusted advisor", says Morty Smolash (GM, 360 Enterprise Software). "The competitive landscape has changed dramatically over the past several years forcing companies to adapt more quickly and with greater precision. Clients have been asking for a solution to help them improve their time to market, while minimizing the problems of quality control, production errors, expensive recalls and cost overruns associated with uncontrolled manual processes and poor project management and poorly integrated project management, collaboration and decision making tools. This is where 360 is designed to finally resolve those inherent challenges."

"Today companies are under pressure to deliver projects on time and on-budget. Leaner organisation and efficient use of resources is key to their success. This is proven again during the recent global financial crisis. It is not possible to achieve these without a strong technological solution that promotes vertical and horizontal collaboration. With our experience of PLM for over 20 years, we strongly believe that 360 can provide customers the right solution to achieve their goals. 360 is both intuitive and very comprehensive" says Rajendra Avargerimath, Managing Director of EnVizTec. A recent article in Cadalyst is a testimony to 360 Enterprise Software that meets the market needs.

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About 360 Enterprise Software

360 Enterprise Software is a seamlessly integrated suite of solutions designed to streamline business processes and increase speed around product development cycles. The full suite includes Project Management, Document Management, and Business Process Management and features a robust, real-time gateway to EnterprisePDM. 360 Enterprise Software empowers cross functional teams inside and outside the organization to efficiently share critical information, work collectively, and minimize manual processes resulting in higher levels of operational efficiency. The solution suite combines powerful and intuitive collaborative capabilities into a single, fully integrated solution.


About EnVizTec Pty Ltd

EnVizTec is a provider of technology and services to fulfil the needs of progressive companies to achieve high levels of innovation, cost reduction, quality and safety whilst improving time-to-market. EnVizTec provides a range of solutions which leverage our collective experience in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), 3D Visualization & Simulation and continuous improvement through Advanced Quality Planning and Operational Risk Management


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