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March 17, 2010 08:00 ET Launches March Madness Daily Fantasy Basketball Contests

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL--(Marketwire - March 17, 2010) -  While office bracket pools are a longstanding March Madness tradition, fantasy basketball and college basketball have now been thrust together in a manner that will bring a new level of excitement and entertainment to the NCAA college basketball tournament. David Lowitz, Co-founder of, said, "For true college basketball fans our daily fantasy contests will really bring life to the tournament. Beyond just pulling for the teams they picked in their bracket pools, fans will now have a vested interest in the performance of individual players as well."

Daily fantasy sports contests are similar to traditional, season-long fantasy leagues in that contestants select individual players to form their rosters. Scores are tallied based upon the on-court performance of the players on their rosters. 

True to their name, daily fantasy contests only last a single day so contestants get paid their winnings daily rather than at the end of the season (or tournament). "While these contests may look and feel like sports betting," said Lowitz, "we should be clear that these are fantasy contests and thus 100% legal."

Bracket pools are popular but they have some drawbacks. For instance, it takes a month to determine the winner; upsets can "bust your bracket" leaving you little chance of winning; and once the tournament begins it is too late to enter.

Daily fantasy offers several benefits. Contestants collect their winnings every day. There are new contest deadlines every day so a contestant is not "shut out" once the tournament begins. As opposed to "luck based" bracket pools, daily fantasy basketball requires some level of skill and basketball knowledge in order to compete and win.

"Our contests involve small numbers of players so everyone has a chance to win," Lowitz continues, "and the contests at are affordable too. They start at just $6 and go up from there."

Fans who enter these contests this March and April should find that March Madness plus bracket pools plus daily fantasy contests equal one very intriguing tournament experience. offers daily fantasy sports contests with real cash payouts. No season-long commitment, no waiting to draft your team. Winnings are paid out daily. Daily fantasy contests are offered for all major sports including NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL, NASCAR, College basketball and football. Registering is quick, easy and FREE. 100% Legal! U.S. based. Call 954-665-1055 for more information.

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