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July 01, 2013 09:13 ET

3D Entertainment Holdings, Inc. Discusses 3D App Executive Summary

LONGWOOD, FL--(Marketwired - Jul 1, 2013) - 3D Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (OTC Pink: TDEY), a smart technology 3D entertainment distribution and development company, discusses the forward movement and momentum of the company.

First item of business is the discussion of the Sharp vs 3D Eye Solutions, Inc. suit. As discussed in our conference call, our great country provides a wonderful legal system to weight through the issues of those who have a disagreement or feel one has been wronged. The companies present position towards this action is to allow the government process to work.

We believe our shareholders will understand our focus should be in growth of the business and continual increase of value to its shareholders. We will continue working through our efforts to be transparent and non-manipulated by those who would want us to debate in the court of the public community.

A few items of importance of interest:

1. The company is not involved in ANY paid marketing of its stock.

2. The company does not participate in any so called "Pump and Dump" scams.

3. It is the opinion of the company that our greatest share price will continue to organically grow by the efforts of a true business model, cash flow and corporate profits.

3D App Executive Summary

3D Entertainment Holdings, Inc. is fully intending to focus on a 2D and 3D content media creation business with distribution of content through application and smart devices. Its business model will be available on a global scale and will be available on all major smart devices and media technologies. The present location of administration is 1400 West Northwest Highway, Grapevine, TX 76051 Suite 100 with registered corporate office located at 909 Independence Parkway, Southlake, TX 76092.

From time to time the business will seek funding for the express purpose of advancing or growing its business. Presently, the 3D TV application business has a fantastic growth potential in light of the expanding sales of 3D TVs and 3D mobile devices.

Business Description: The business is to be organized as a 2D and 3D content media creation and 3D entertainment distribution delivery company. Content will be delivered over Smart Applications available inside the perspective app store over mobile devices, Set Top Boxes, Television sets, Cable and Satellite systems.

The application will offer full length movies, TV shows, Shorts, Dramas and original programming for a subscription cost of $7.99 per month.

The business will provide subscribers with a 3D TV App. Television and Movie studio creating content for 3D television networks and technology.

Industry Overview. The subscription application market grew to over $8 Billion in monthly subsciption services in 2013. Our 3D entertinament application will bring the business to this market space.

Position in the Industry. Our focus will be to arrange 3D content distribution agreements with studios around the world. Distribution agreements will help us solidify others in the broadcast space the availability of the content for licensing fees to rebroadcast.

Marketing Summary

The main target markets for the business include:

  • iOS, Android, Kindel, Roku, Boxee and Smart TV sets.

We will provide the applications in all smart technology application stores and deliver the application for a free download over QR codes on print and direct downloads over social platforms. The free download will be available for a limited time, afterwhich it would then transfer to a paid monthly subscription.

Competition. Customer choice of services in this industry is based on the limited space for 3D content and the growth of 3D screens. This growth is helping to fuel the need for quality movies and TV shows. Other application developers could enter into the space. Our ability to acquire retransmission agreements with content developers and partnering with a content developer ourself will greatly help us have the competitive edge.

Strategy and Implementation Summary

The Business plans the following as part of sales promotion:

  • Advertising through press releases to industry publications and local newspapers.
  • Internet marketing
  • Posting signage and flyers about the new business on bulletin boards in stores and public places.

In addition, the Business will engage in the following marketing campaigns:

  • Social media marketing through sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google will be the focus of 90% of the marketing. These platforms allow a control of budget with a target reach. The application and services we will provide could be downloaded directly from each marketed location by use of QR codes.
  • Community signage offeres a robust, at hand marketing campaign. Digital signage is defined as a location where a subscription or download is readily available by use of local presentation. Highway boards, bus benches or mall posters will offer a great location for our direct download and promotion of our app products. Consumers will have the access to download direct for the advertisement.

Conservitive projections place our subscription base over 100,000 within the first 12 months with an additional growth to 250,000 subscribers by month 24. We believe our application business could generate over $30M in subscription fees and advertising.

About 3D Entertainment Holdings, Inc.

3D Entertainment Holdings, Inc. is a service provider and integrator for the 3D Stereo and Auto-stereo media industry that covers a wide range of markets. 3D Eye Solutions, Inc. produces and processes media content for corporate, venues, and trade show events. The Company also provides turnkey systems and converting existing media to enable end users to showcase properties in multi-view format. For more information please email directly

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