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February 29, 2016 23:03 ET

3D Value Group: New Consultancy Takes on Under-Performing Businesses

3D Value Group Claims Most Companies Are Organized Backwards

PHOENIX, AZ --(Marketwired - February 29, 2016) - "The challenge," according to Holly Crabtree, "is that there is a fundamental flaw in the way most businesses are organized and there is systemic resistance to accepting a new, proven paradigm." Crabtree knows what she is talking about, having generated over $125 million dollars in savings and additional revenues over the past 20 years. She redesigns businesses resulting in improved quality and compliance, as well as employee, shareholder and customer satisfaction.

Unfortunately, the old paradigm is based on forming business based upon people and technology. Most companies focus on a specific service or product, then they hire experts to manage various facets of the business (Sales, Accounting, Customer Service, Operations, etc.). And that is what they do -- manage those functions and budgets, and center their organizations around these separate functions. It is assumed these experts know how to design optimal processes and successfully lead people working the processes to keep the business healthy. It doesn't work that way.

The new paradigm Crabtree is promoting is in the planning and execution of the business format. "Leadership comes naturally with good business design," states Crabtree. To optimize value and success, there is another and more important dimension to be considered. Crabtree elaborates, "There is a dimension missed in the formation and operation of most companies. That dimension is process. It is our business processes that are the conduits for delivering value." Her approach is to work with leaders to address the 3 Dimensions of Value; design core business processes and then align the organization's people, resources and enabling technology to those processes.

One example of this is in a medium sized company needing to rebid for 20% of the business. "Analyzing high level core process we discovered a series of activities that were adding no value. Yet this is how the business had operated for decades and the functional leaders couldn't see it. Eliminating those processes along with a core process redesign saved the company $1.6MM annually. Additional benefits were customer issue resolution, improving from an average of 30 days to same day, and employee satisfaction improving from dissatisfied to highly satisfied.

We delivered a one-year ROI on that 12-week effort -- a 100:1 benefit ratio, plus retaining 20% of the revenue stream for 5 more years; a value of $5 Billion.

"Our promise is to deliver $10 via increased savings or revenues for the customer for every $1 they invest with us -- in the first year," Crabtree declares, who has generated over $125MM in direct profit and/or new revenue for businesses over the past 20 years. In concert with those redesigns, she improved quality and compliance, as well as employee, shareholder and customer satisfaction.

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About Holly Crabtree:

Upon completion of her engineering degree, having worked several internships in the energy industry in her native Canada, Holly had the opportunity to work as a Process Engineer for one of the premier Aerospace companies developing Total Quality and Six Sigma as their improvement platform. A natural at systems thinker, she quickly become responsible for the transformational global supply chain initiatives with large impact. She trained as Lean expert and transferred into the Healthcare sector in 2005 looking to make a difference in the lives of people being maleffected by its complexity. She has consulted across multiple industries utilizing her 22 years of experience in having companies organize themselves for high performance, with an impact of $125MM in savings and improvements in value delivery and stakeholder satisfaction. Holly lives in Arizona and contributes to her community through communication and leadership coaching.

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