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October 05, 2009 17:04 ET Launches a Debt Consolidation Discussion Forum

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - October 5, 2009) - In a time of economic recession, debt is a reigning factor in many of the financial troubles people are facing. provides an honest approach in debt consolidation services to all people suffering from all types of debt. Creating a proactive attitude, attempts to make debt management less complex, approachable and accessible.

The company has recently released a new "Debt Consolidation Forum" discussion group for individuals dealing with debt. The forum is being used as a sort of therapy for the growing number of individuals and families dealing with debt in these hard economic times. offers free counseling in debt consolidation and management in areas such as: credit card, loan, auto, military star, and medical and government debt.

The goal of the site is to make debt freedom an attainable situation for people through condensing numerous bills into one sum. The website informs people about debt consolidation, and provides a connection to services which provide debt consolidation. Debt consolidation is taking: "...a number of small, high interest debts, such as credit card balances, and merging them into a single debt consolidation loan."

By creating one solid stress free bill for anyone who is struggling with the terror of debt, overall interest rates and monthly bill payments will drop, resulting in money saved.

The stress of being in debt can be as equally deteriorating for a person as the financial situation itself. By using a service like, individuals can be relieved of the burden of stressful collection agency calls, multiple bill deadlines and past due payments.

With the new discussion groups, will create an intelligent community for people going through the hardships of debt.

The site offers an equal balance of debt advice, along with the pros and cons of debt consolidation. Debt relief articles and a wide range of real life news articles offer first hand advice and stories to people looking for guidance in debt relief. Fact and managerial tip pages, along with explanatory videos and debt letter how to's offer a progressive direction for those looking to liberate themselves of debt. These are only some of positive helpful services has to offer in helping people break down their debt.

"The hard truth about debt is no one will eliminate your debt (credit card debt, student loans, auto loans, etc) for you. You must do it yourself."

A unique quality of the company is that they do not claim that they alone have the ability to eliminate an individual's debt, unlike other sites. firmly believes that people must have the honesty to confront their own debt first, and then seek out the help and counseling to eliminate the debt for good. is a member of the American Association of Debt Management and is a part of the Better Business Bureaus reliability program.

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