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March 04, 2008 17:38 ET

3Degrees First Adopter of Green-e Climate Certification for International Carbon Offsets

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - March 4, 2008) - 3Degrees, a leading carbon solutions company, is one of the first providers selling international carbon offsets certified under the new Green-e® Climate program launched by the Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) last week.

"We're pleased that 3Degrees joined Green-e Climate right from the start," said Lars Kvale, Green-e Climate Manager. "By selling offsets that have been independently verified under this program, 3Degrees is showing industry leadership and a real commitment to transparency for its customers."

Green-e® Climate is a consumer-protection program requiring that greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions be verified according to strict project-level certification (including the credible and independent Clean Development Mechanism, Gold Standard, and Voluntary Carbon Standard) that ensure the reductions have taken place, are permanent, and come from projects that would not have happened under a "business as usual" scenario. Sellers must also undergo a yearly audit to ensure there is no double selling and that the provider is complying with the program's consumer-disclosure and truth in advertising requirements.

Well known as a leader in the Renewable Energy and Verified Emission Reduction (carbon offsets) industry, 3Degrees' renewable energy certificates (RECs) have been Green-e® Energy Certified since 2002 when the 3Degrees team launched its REC product. 3Degrees advocates for strong industry standards for offset projects and sellers to build consumer confidence and counter charges of a lack of standardization.

"We only source carbon offsets that have project level verification according to credible and independent standards such as the Voluntary Carbon Standard and the Gold Standard," said Gabe Petlin, Director of Regulatory Affairs and Carbon Markets at 3Degrees and former Green-e® Program Manager at CRS from 2001-2004. "The new Green-e Climate Program is the nation's first retail level consumer protection program for greenhouse gas emission reductions and 3Degrees is pleased to offer the highest level of independent product oversight to our customers. For those calling for greater standardization in the voluntary offset market take note: this is the program."

3Degrees sources Verified Emission Reductions (VERs) and Renewable Energy Certificates from over 200 projects located in six countries.

3Degrees' initial Green-e Climate offering includes three emission reduction projects from Brazil, India, and China that will be registered later this year in the now forming Voluntary Carbon Standard registry. The Brazil project installs biogas control systems that capture and combust methane gas from manure treatment facilities at hog livestock operations. The project captures methane, a potent greenhouse gas that would have otherwise been emitted into the atmosphere. The other projects are wind farms in North Eastern China and Southern India, two of the largest greenhouse gas-emitting nations in the world. These projects displace fossil fuel electricity generation with clean wind energy in these heavily coal-based developing nations.

All three projects meet the CDM Tool for Assessment of Additionality that is required for satisfaction of the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS). This additionality test includes a regulatory test, timing test, barriers analysis, investment analysis, and common practice test.

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3Degrees is the 2007 DOE Renewable Energy Marketer of the Year and has served more than 150 U.S. and international business customers, including 30 Fortune 500 companies (U.S. and Global). Beginning in 2002, the 3Degrees team emerged as an early leader in the renewable energy marketing industry and has since set the standard for turn-key climate solutions. From voluntary reductions to understanding the regulatory market for renewable energy generation and greenhouse gas emissions, the 3Degrees team helps organizations chart a greenhouse gas strategy that fits business objectives and preferences.

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