May 10, 2011 08:00 ET Announces Low Cost 3G Failover Plan

CARY, IL--(Marketwire - May 10, 2011) - has announced a new low cost 3G Failover solution to provide business continuity. 3G Failover keeps your Internet connection active even when your primary cable, DSL, T1 or wireless internet fails. The internet is a critical part of most businesses and when down, it can cost your company a lot in lost productivity or missed sales.

3G Failover is ideal for these types of businesses:

  • Retail (Credit Card, POS, Cash Register)
  • Small Businesses
  • Professional
  • Virtual Employees has been the expert in providing 3G/4G wireless solutions since 2005 and is partnering with DataJack and the most robust 3G router companies for our 3G Failover solution. also provides free technical support to make sure your 3G Failover solution is properly installed.

The 3G Failover plan costs just $15/month per location, and usage is billed at $0.05/megabyte. If the primary connection in a specific location does not fail in a given month, the total service cost is $15. If the primary Internet does fail and the 3G Failover kicks in, usage is billed at 5¢/mb. If you are doing credit card transactions, you can process over 1000 transactions for a nickel! A "cost estimator" calculator is available at to help you estimate what your failover service costs will be in the event of an internet outage.

"3G Failover is the ultimate insurance policy for those who require the Internet to conduct business," said Michael Ginsberg, President of "We have been using 3G Failover for years and when our cable modem goes down at our warehouse, we are able to continue on with shipping for the day."

"We're working with 3GStore to deliver an innovative On-demand Internet failover solution with superior performance and reliability," said Stuart Ehlrich, QuamTel's CEO. "The failover solution automatically switches to a standby 3G Network if the primary Internet connection fails or is temporarily down for servicing. Failover is an important fault tolerance function of mission-critical systems that rely on constant accessibility. Failover automatically and transparently to the user redirects connection from the failed or down system to the backup system that mimics the operations of the primary system," added Stuart.

If your business relies on the internet, how much does it cost your business if you cannot do business?

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3Gstore is a Cary, Illinois based company that has been in business as MDG Computer Services since 1988. 3Gstore is considered to be an industry expert in "all things 3G and 4G." At 3Gstore, businesses can now find everything they need for their enterprise-class 3G and 4G solutions. These include 3G and 4G devices from Verizon Wireless and Sprint, along with antennas, amplifiers, and routers for all mobile and fixed broadband projects. 3Gstore provides personalized service and advice to clients as well as unmatched technical support.

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