June 12, 2012 08:00 ET

3i Group Leverages Coveo Insight Solutions for Knowledge Continuity and Expertise Finding

QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Jun 12, 2012) -

  • Today Coveo announced that 3i Group, a leading international investor focused on private equity, infrastructure and debt management, has experienced immediate benefit from its enterprise search-based platform, Insight Solutions. Coveo's solutions have enabled 3i to be more effective at identifying and retrieving internal information and at identifying industry expertise across its wide array of investment professionals. (As announced by Damon Fordham, senior consultant, 3i at the Enterprise Search Summit during his presentation, "Implementing Search to Aid Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence," on May 31 in London.)

  • 3i, based in London, has £10.5bn total assets under management and 101 core portfolio companies across Europe, Asia and the Americas. With approximately 410 employees, including 160 investment professionals, 3i uses its market insights and expertise to identify market-leading businesses and contribute to their success.

  • 3i needed a flexible solution that would easily scale as the amount of information and information sources continued to grow. After evaluating several vendors, 3i selected Coveo's Insight Solutions based on ease-of-use, flexibility and Insight Consoles, the presentation layer of Coveo's intelligent indexing technology, which provides information from across sources in a single, unified view, configured by role -- so that each user views and interacts with contextually relevant, dynamically updated information.

  • Prior to the Coveo implementation, 3i had no single place to search for all of the information employees needed access to on a daily basis, instead leveraging the search capabilities of multiple resources such as Outlook, email archives, file systems and CRMs to find what they wanted. Employees wasted substantial amounts of time trying to piece together information while the amount and diversity of data being accessed has continued to grow exponentially.

  • With Coveo, 3i is now able to ensure knowledge continuity and expertise finding. It gives decision-makers a better understanding of who the experts are within the organization and where they are located. Employees have also noted they are discovering knowledge that they did not know existed previously, giving them a broader insight into the business and allowing for a more productive work environment.

  • Based on its initial success, 3i plans to expand its use of Coveo's Insight Solutions to additional initiatives such as legal, compliance and business intelligence as well as an enterprise-wide roll out via mobile devices.

  • Coveo's Insight Solutions instantly assembles information that is contextually relevant and personalized to the user, end-to-end throughout the enterprise. Coveo solutions engage knowledge to engage customers. In turn, helping executives, employees and partners access the information they need to facilitate decision-making, improve day-to-day efficiencies and operations and cultivate one-to-one relationships. The technology indexes data from virtually any system -- in the cloud, on social networks and behind the firewall, and presents it in role-based consoles configured to work the way the user prefers.

Supporting Quotes

  • Damon Fordham, senior consultant, 3i: "Coveo has truly changed the way we access information. With a wealth of content across industries, geographies and systems, we realized we needed a better understanding of all the available data and expertise across the firm. We are forever producing graphs, charts and more. With Coveo Insight Solutions, our employees and executives are finding information on deals, the marketplace, internal expertise and our portfolio companies that they didn't know existed before. Being able to unlock this knowledge, share this intelligence and make it accessible across the company is highly valued."

  • Louis Têtu, chairman and CEO, Coveo: "In a large, geographically dispersed organization such as 3i, where every piece of information translates into dollars earned, having consolidated access to the right information at the right time is of the utmost importance. Coveo's Insight Solutions are ideal for this type of environment because they're flexible to scale with the organization and the amount and diversity of information sources needed within and outside of the firewall. It's also easy to configure by role, ensuring that the right people have access to the right information for the appropriate client, project or product."

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Coveo transforms companies' ability to gain insight from diverse and overwhelming amounts of unstructured and structured data, whether it exists behind the firewall, in the cloud or in social media. Coveo's unified indexing technology connects broadly with all systems to create a virtual integration layer, from which role-based Insight Consoles present consolidated, correlated information mashups. Greater insight enables more effective and efficient customer service, more relevant customer experiences, increased sales and shorter sales cycles, faster innovation for better product development and ultimately, increased profitability.

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