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October 10, 2007 11:00 ET

3n Launches InstaCom™ 5.0 Mass Notification Solution to Meet Escalating Emergency Communication Needs of Organizations Globally

New Features Make It Easier Than Ever to Immediately Communicate With Large Groups of People in an Emergency

GLENDALE, CA--(Marketwire - October 10, 2007) - 3n (National Notification Network), the leading global mass notification system provider, today announced the immediate availability of InstaCom 5.0 with significant enhancements to meet the growing demands of organizations worldwide, including 3n's extensive Global 2000 customer base. InstaCom 5.0 gives 3n customers additional capabilities to organize and administer emergency communications in a hierarchical fashion according to organizational structure. It also allows customers to establish continuous, two-way, live communication with users, react to changes in a rapid and flexible manner, and become more precise with messaging to ensure that emergencies are handled quickly, appropriately and effectively.

InstaCom 5.0 leverages the most technologically sophisticated platform available with a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) architecture to provide the highest possible delivery speeds for urgent communications at an extremely low cost-per-message. With the SaaS architecture and a unique active-active infrastructure, 3n delivers the new InstaCom 5.0 enhancements to customers without upgrade costs or resource needs. Additional features can be quickly and easily added to the customer's account without need for costly integration.

Enhanced features in InstaCom 5.0 include the following:

--  Organizational Hierarchy, a unique offering from 3n that enables
    institutions to grant separate locations, departments or districts the
    power to manage their own data and execute emergency plans independently or
    in conjunction with the rest of the organization.  3n customers using
    Organizational Hierarchy free themselves from the numerous limitations
    created by less sophisticated notification tools that rely on groups to
    organize member information. Organizational Hierarchy ensures quick updates
    of information, easy additions and removal of members and reliable
    maintenance of the database as a whole.
--  Premium Call-In, a new enhancement that enables 3n customers to
    provide their audiences with a single number to retrieve simple or complex,
    multi-part messages. This feature significantly extends 3n's InstaCom
    capabilities to provide a full-featured inbound and outbound notification
--  Express Call, which enables users to set up temporary groups on-the-
    fly and quickly send notifications without incorporating them into their
    member databases. Express Call is an ideal solution for organizations with
    frequently changing contact lists.
--  Enhanced Polling, which expands 3n's versatile and robust polling
    feature to allow organizations to send multiple-choice survey questions
    with up to nine different responses, as well as providing call transfer
    capabilities to enhance response options.  Notification recipients now have
    the flexibility to provide additional information back to the message
    sender, such as dates, phone numbers, time of day and more.  Message
    recipients also have the option to transfer to a number defined by the
    message sender, creating a powerful set of expanded options for how message
    senders and recipients communicate on a large scale in real-time.

"The 3n announcement of InstaCom 5.0 is a timely response to a marketplace in dire need of sophisticated mass notification solutions. The enhanced features of InstaCom 5.0, especially 'Organization Hierarchy' and 'Enhanced Polling,' address the complexity of today's business environment and allow message senders and recipients of automated alerts and emergency notifications to interact more efficiently and effectively during emergencies," says Ken Landoline, Program Manager of Customer Centric Strategies at Yankee Group.

"3n's InstaCom 5.0 solution demonstrates our continued commitment to advance the emergency communication capabilities of organizations locally and globally to provide the most advanced, robust and reliable mass notification system available on the market today," said Cinta Putra, co-founder and CEO of 3n. "InstaCom 5.0's extensive capabilities, flexibility and ease of use are the key reasons organizations across the globe trust 3n for their mass notification needs."

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3n (National Notification Network) is the leading global provider of mass notification solutions to Global 2000 corporations, government agencies, healthcare systems and educational institutions in more than 70 countries with the ability to communicate in more than 230 countries worldwide. 3n's innovative and powerful mass notification system is the most advanced, efficient and easy-to-use on the market today, enabling organizations to respond rapidly and effectively to crises and achieve considerable bottom-line savings in routine and emergency situations. For more information about 3n, log on to or call toll-free at 1-888-366-4911.

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