April 18, 2007 08:30 ET

3PAR Thin Provisioning Customers Save Over $6 Million a Year in Energy Costs

Leading Thin Provisioning Datacenters Honored With 3PAR "Think Thin. Think Green." Award

FREMONT, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 18, 2007 -- 3PAR®, the leading provider of Utility Storage, announced today that 3PAR Thin Provisioning customers now have a worldwide combined annualized energy savings of approximately $6.6 million. This savings eliminates 48,000 metric tons of CO2 -- carbon emissions equivalent to those given off by more than 9,000 cars over the course of an entire year. 3PAR customers who deploy Thin Provisioning and Thin Copy technologies like 3PAR Virtual Copy and 3PAR Remote Copy are able to deploy on average just one terabyte of capacity for every 2.5 terabytes required with traditional storage arrays. Due to this substantial reduction in capacity requirements, these Thin technologies are responsible for reducing necessary disk capacity and the associated carbon footprint by approximately 60% as compared with traditional storage.

Thin Provisioning Saves Energy

Thin provisioning is a revolutionary green technology pioneered by 3PAR which gives customers the ability to allocate abundant useable capacity to host applications while enabling those applications to consume physical storage only for actual written data. 3PAR Thin Provisioning eases the burden of provisioning and reduces capacity expenditures dramatically. In addition, a significant related benefit of Thin Provisioning is that it saves energy and associated costs by requiring fewer disk drives to support a given amount of useable capacity.

To date, 3PAR customers worldwide have allocated approximately 31 petabytes of usable capacity to their applications. With traditional SAN technologies, this would have required approximately 45 petabytes of raw capacity. However, by using Thin Provisioning and Thin Copy technologies available with 3PAR Utility Storage, these customers have achieved the same business results -- or better -- by purchasing only 18 petabytes of raw capacity, a 60% reduction in disk purchases as compared with legacy systems. By using Thin Provisioning and Thin Copy technologies, organizations can achieve their business goals while reducing their companies' environmental impact through lower energy consumption and associated greenhouse gases.

3PAR Thin Provisioning customers include CACI, a Fortune 1000 solution provider; Edelman, the world's largest independent public relations firm; and IAC, the owner and operator of more than 60 specialized and global brands. These are three leading examples of organizations that are significantly reducing costs and annual energy consumption with new, more efficient Thin technologies offered with 3PAR Utility Storage. Together, these top three organizations save approximately one-quarter million kilowatt hours of energy on an annual basis, eliminating the output of nearly 400,000 lbs. of CO2 emissions each year.

The "Think Thin. Think Green." Award

To recognize the efforts of these leading organizations and their use of Thin Provisioning and Thin Copy technologies to improve datacenter efficiency and help our environment, 3PAR has awarded these three customers with the inaugural 2007 "Think Thin. Think Green." Award. As part of the award recognition, 3PAR has purchased $3,000 in carbon offsets on behalf of each winner through TerraPass (, the leading retailer of greenhouse gas reduction programs in the U.S. The combined award will fund U.S. clean energy projects over the next year and provide a reduction of 1,000 metric tons of carbon emissions in addition to the emissions already eliminated with Thin Provisioning.

"We are pleased to accept the 2007 'Think Thin. Think Green.' Award from 3PAR," said Vincent Luciani, Vice President of Corporate IT at IAC. "Beyond the economic and administrative benefits of 3PAR Thin Provisioning -- which are substantial -- we are happy to contribute to the reduction of energy consumption that comes with deploying Thin Provisioning. We are pleased that our strategic IT initiatives include technologies that help reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions."

The "Think Thin. Think Green." Award is a part of a continued effort at 3PAR to raise awareness of green datacenter practices and to help organizations reach their 2007 corporate environmental objectives. Earlier this year, 3PAR announced a complementary program, 3PAR Carbon Neutral Storage, which funds carbon offsets for each terabyte of Thin Provisioning capacity purchased in 2007. Winners of the inaugural "Think Thin. Think Green." Award were selected based on the amount of estimated capacity saved by using 3PAR Thin Provisioning and their acceptance of the award. This award is part of 3PAR's continued commitment to environmental responsibility.

"We congratulate CACI, Edelman and IAC on winning the inaugural 'Think Thin. Think Green.' Award," said David Scott, President and CEO for 3PAR. "These top Thin Provisioning customers are leading the way for organizations seeking greater efficiency and environmental responsibility in their datacenter infrastructures through green storage technologies."

About 3PAR

3PAR is the leading provider of Utility Storage, a simple, efficient and massively scalable tiered-storage array for utility computing that lets customers serve more with less. 3PAR Utility Storage can cut an organization's Total Cost of Data by 50%. Capacity and related costs can be cut by 75% while storage administration and associated expenses can be reduced by 90%. 3PAR Utility Storage is ideal for open systems storage consolidation, integrated data lifecycle management and performance-intensive applications.

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