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July 31, 2006 08:00 ET

3Plus1 Technology Announces Availability of Native Compiler and Software Development Platform

Hierarchical Compilation Scheme Forms the Basis for Major Advance in Programming Heterogeneous Multiprocessor Architectures; CoolProcessor™ Software Development Platform to Ship in August to U.S. Customers for Realization of Ultra Low-Power Multi-Mode Wireless Communications Systems

SARATOGA, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- July 31, 2006 -- 3Plus1 Technology Inc., a Silicon Valley-based fabless semiconductor company, today announced availability of first versions of a native compiler as part of its groundbreaking approach to next-generation communications and multimedia platform implementation. The native C complier is a key building block in the CoolProcessor™ software development platform and integral to the realization of multi-mode communications and multimedia applications running concurrently on CoolProcessor devices aimed at addressing the ultra-low-power needs of mobile-system manufacturers.

"We have targeted a smooth integration of hardware and software layers as an essential element in a well-accepted, industry-standard development flow from the inception of the company," said Allan Cox, 3Plus1 president and CEO. "Early adopters and developers are successfully using the software development platform, including the first versions of the compiler and the existing assembler, simulator and algorithm library, to create multiple communications applications."

Based on customer demands for concurrent operation of multimedia and communications applications, 3Plus1 Technology has created an architecture specifically designed for ultra low-power and low-area implementation in a standard CMOS process. Initial demand in communications applications includes WiFi, WiMAX, HSDPA, HSUPA, and DVB-H.

"Following the release in 2005 of the company's first non-native compiler, the native compiler is an important second step in the 3Plus1 compiler roadmap. It allows developers to compile their existing applications with their own software build environment while linking properly to the advanced 3Plus1 algorithm kernels library," said Dr. Amir Zarkesh, executive vice president of engineering for 3Plus1. "Our innovative hardware/software partitioning enables an industry-standard programming flow with familiar debugging capabilities, while satisfying the stringent price and power requirements for mobile systems. This release of CoolTools enables users to follow a familiar DSP programming model to efficiently compile voluminous control and sequential DSP code, which, when used with CoolProcessor Algorithm Libraries for cycle-hungry recursive inner-loop code, provides near ASIC efficiencies for modem processing."

The development of the CoolTools native compiler was achieved in record time and with world-class resources within the company under the leadership of Steve Chamberlain, 3Plus1 Compilers and Tools Chief Architect, and is an integral part of the hierarchical compilation methodology the company is developing for future releases of the platform. This version of CoolTools is based on the industry standard GNU tool chain, including compiler, assembler, linker, and ANSI C library and source level debugger. The debugger is integrated into a cycle-accurate CoolProcessor instruction set simulator and JTAG in hardware implementations of CoolProcessor-based products.

The company is addressing the needs of the 800-million-plus mobile handset, camera, PDA and UMPC markets. 3Plus1 has assembled a group of world-class technologists, including leading academics in their fields, addressing the problems of real-time voice, video and data processing -- at ultra low-power levels and minimum silicon die size -- from the fundamental software and hardware architectural perspectives.

3Plus1's CoolProcessor family members are all upwardly code-compatible with a single programming model. Development of software applications follows a standard DSP tool flow and the company is scheduled to ship native compiler-based software development platforms to U.S. customers in August.

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3Plus1 Technology is a fabless semiconductor company leading the design and development of next-generation ultra low power, scalable, and programmable processor family called CoolProcessors based on its proprietary COOL Processor Architecture. CoolProcessor is designed to run concurrent mobile communications and multimedia applications at unprecedented Power, Price, Performance, and Programmability.

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