October 18, 2009 19:00 ET

40% of Motorists Don't Know Difference Between De-Icer and Anti-Freeze

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Oct. 19, 2009) - Nearly four out of ten motorists don't know the difference between de-icer and anti-freeze, according to a survey by Swinton, the UK's leading high street retailer of car insurance.

A poll of 2,000 customers found that 22% thought that de-icer was added to the engine, and 18% thought that anti-freeze was used to defrost windows.

The pre-winter survey also found that 71% of drivers still prefer to use boiling water to defrost their windows in the morning, despite warnings about the dangers of causing cracks. Even more concerning is that 34% claimed that they will leave the engine running to defrost the windows while they remain in the home.

Steve Chelton, Insurer Development Manager for Swinton car insurance, said: "These are some pretty concerning findings. Motorists should never use boiling water to defrost windows and the difference between de-icer and anti-freeze is basic knowledge that everyone should know. It is also extremely disturbing to think that anyone would leave the car engine running while not inside the vehicle. If a vehicle is stolen with the keys in the ignition, it may invalidate the car insurance policy."

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