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November 19, 2013 09:25 ET

4Cable TV Makes Major Breakthrough in Improving Return Bandwidth Capacity for Cable Operators; Company Begins Shipping DSR No Diplexer Nodes

CONWAY, SC--(Marketwired - Nov 19, 2013) - 4Cable TV International, Inc. (OTCQB: CATV) ("4Cable TV" and/or the "Company"), a global manufacturer of outdoor transmission equipment for Cable TV and Internet providers, announced today that the Company's Patent Pending DSR No Diplexer Nodes, a major breakthrough in improving return bandwidth capacity for cable companies, are now in production. 4Cable TV has already begun shipping the revolutionary No Diplexer Nodes with Dynamically Scalable Reverse (DSR) which allow cable operators to adjust the return bandwidth capacity of to-the-home coaxial cable lines directly from a central network hub. 

"The introduction of the DSR No Diplexer Nodes represents a major breakthrough in managing return bandwidth capacity," said Steven K. Richey, President of 4Cable TV. "In the past, diplex filters have been used in nodes to separate and control the ratio of forward TV and Internet signals, and the Internet signal being returned from the house, such as when you are requesting a file or uploading a picture. The old technology meant physically sending out a cable technician to the node to either replace it or change some of its parts. Our new nodes don't require the use of diplexer filters and enable cable operators to adjust the return bandwidth of their coaxial cable lines with a flip of a switch instead of sending out a technical crew."

The 4Cable TV DSR No Diplexer Nodes have up to 85 MHz of dynamically scalable return bandwidth which allows cable operators to adjust their return bandwidth simply by modifying the downstream channel lineup. The new 4Cable TV nodes also remove any group delay problems (data errors) in the return transmission channel (T-12) and make the unusable cross-over channel (T-13) immediately available for the return signal. As bandwidth demands change, this will allow cable operators to immediately improve their return bandwidth, as it makes available the frequencies between 42 and 54 MHz. In the future operators can adjust their bandwidth as needed, without truck rolls and field personnel to change equipment in the field. 

"We have already received purchase orders for the DSR No Diplexer Nodes from Cable TV of Eastern Alabama and Sierra Nevada Cable, and our manufacturing facility in South Carolina is working diligently to fill early demand for this new and revolutionary product. Cable companies worldwide have upwards of 10 million coaxial cable line extensions using diplex filters, and given the rapidly increasing demand to improve bandwidth capacity we believe there is a significant opportunity to come in and replace the industry's old outdated technology with our new nodes," added Richey.

The new DSR No Diplexer Nodes are also attracting attention from cable providers in parts of the world where the public power system is unreliable. The new 4Cable TV nodes use the Company's PowerMiser™ system and have low power requirements. The nodes' reduced energy needs and integration with PowerMiser™ make it possible to adapt them to run on solar powered cable systems.

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