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Industrial Technology Research Institute

November 07, 2011 18:30 ET

4th Medical Electronics and Device in Taiwan (MEDiT) Forum 2011 on Medical Electronics and Appliances Fosters Taiwan Into Essential Hub of Medical Electronics and Appliances Industry in the Asia-Pacific Region

TAIPEI, TAIWAN--(Marketwire - Nov 7, 2011) - The two-day 2011 Medical Electronics and Device in Taiwan (MEDiT) Forum 2011 on Medical Electronics and Appliances will start on November 9th.

The event will be jointly sponsored by the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Metal Industry Research and Development Center (MIRDC), and Medical Technology Center. The organizer of the event invited world leaders in this field to take part in the summit. They include China Medical Appliances Association, China's largest medical appliances industry organization; Tecan Corporation, one of the largest Swiss IVD manufacturers; Japanese medical consulting companies and major Indian medical appliances sales channel company.

The forum provides a platform for Taiwan's medical electronics and appliances industry to foster close partnerships with major international players and enhance the overall corporate competitive edge.

Dr. Martin Brusdeilins, director and chief of science of Tecan, will share his views on how enterprises demonstrate leadership in the medical appliances industry. Mr. Umemura Wataru, chairman of Japan's Terumo Medical chairman, and PWC senior management will analyze how to market advanced medical appliances, and how to develop the Japanese medical appliances market, respectively.

Mr. Zhao Yixin, Chairman of China Medical Appliances Association, will deliver a speech on the future development of China's medical appliances under China's healthcare reform and the 12th Five-Year Plan. Mr. Ren Zhilin, chief engineer of Wandong Medical, China's major medical imaging manufacturer, will present his views on the marketing strategy for promoting China's medical imaging equipment through international channels and opportunities for cooperation with Taiwan. Mr. Pu Zhongjie, general manager of Lepu Medical Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., China's leading manufacturer of innovative pharmaceutical coating material for cardiovascular stents, will elaborate on the successful development of new medical appliances and materials in China. He will also share his experience on how to close the gap with major international players so that Taiwan manufacturers can build up strategic partnerships with major international players and in order to jointly develop markets in areas with high growth potential such as China and India.

The IDB points out, Taiwan has extreme advantage in information and communications technology, basic machinery processing and material applications for integrating precision manufacturing, design and R&D, and has successfully developed plenty of high value-added medical appliances for marketing internationally. Taiwan industries are diversified, creative and full of vitality. According to the IDB, Taiwan will play a critical role in the global supply chain of both medical appliance R&D and manufacturing and healthcare services. When the world's leading medical appliance manufacturers develop their markets in Asia and look for the best cooperation partner for innovative R&D, they will find their best partners in Taiwan. The Forum provides opportunities for the major international players to know Taiwan's overall competitive edge in the medical appliances industry, and to build Taiwan into an essential hub of medical electronics and appliance industry in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Economic Minister Yen-Shiang Shih points out, in order to promote industrial upgrade and encourage investment, the MOEA has been actively helping the domestic medical instrument industry to upgrade from home healthcare products to professional products. In view of market and clinical demand, Taiwan has begun developing renal care, vitro diagnosis, breathing care, dental care, image-guided micro surgical system, and other advanced medical instrumentation. Backed by Taiwan's ICT industrial niche for integrating brand, technology and service, Taiwan is expected to keep on developing high quality, inexpensive hand-held ultra-sonic, low dosage, high resolution X-ray machine, and MRI products, thereby providing such products to the emerging markets such as China and India, and eventually cut in the supply chain of global medical appliance industry.

ITRI Chairman Ching-yan Tsai points out, with an international economic situation in constant fluctuation the global market is also undergoing drastic changes. With international focus shifting from the European and American market in the past to emerging countries, it implies lots of business opportunities can be tapped. To this end, ITRI has striven to develop forward-looking technology, and to boost the capacity in biomedicine, optoelectronics, energy source, telecommunications and machinery, and has successfully developed a number of forward-looking medical electronics technologies and become the best technological and market consulting partner for Taiwan's manufacturers of healthcare appliances.

He further points out, presently, plenty of other industries in Taiwan have invested in medical appliance development and have sought vital international cooperation partners for technology development and development of the international market through ITRI. We hope this forum will offer more cooperation opportunities for Taiwan manufacturers who are interested in the medical electronics and appliances development, and that hosting of the forum will continue to assist the domestic medical appliance industry reach out, build up global industrial links and create more opportunities for industrial development.

Qichuan Huang, Chairman of the MIRDC says, driven by vigorous government promotion of the medical appliance industry, Taiwan has made rapid growth in the industry over the past five years. Inheriting resources from the IDB's technology promotion and counseling program for the medical and healthcare industry which has entered the fourth year, the Metal Center particularly sponsored the 2011 Forum to give Taiwan's medical appliance industry more focus on development and more cooperation opportunities. The forum has invited major medical appliance players and large channel distributors from the USA, Japan, India and China to share the latest market information, global supply chain deployment, operation strategy and innovative product applications. It is hoped that the forum will assist Taiwan manufacturers to further understand the formulation of new product policy, international marketing through sharing of the successful experience of major international players and exchange of market information.

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