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March 03, 2016 17:04 ET

5 Fatal Flaws in Most Businesses: 3D Value Group Declares Most Companies Are Not Engineered for High Performance

It's All in the Setup of the Company

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwired - March 03, 2016) -  By targeting growth-oriented or margin-challenged businesses, 3D Value Group LLC under the leadership of Holly Crabtree focuses on what she describes as "The 5 Fatal Flaws" in the way companies are formed and operated. "Our promise is to deliver $10 via increased savings or revenues for the customer for every $1 they invest with us -- in the first year. Our value proposition is simple, we provide a service that pays for itself many times over, and for years to come," Crabtree declares.

"The challenge," according to Crabtree, "is that there is a fundamental flaw in the way most businesses are organized and there is systemic resistance to accepting a new paradigm." 

The old paradigm is based on forming businesses with People and Technology: 2-dimensional thinking -- where most companies are based upon a specific service or product, then people are brought in to fill 'slots' that are believed to be needed, and then technology is added to automate work. The new paradigm she promotes is 3-Dimensional thinking.

Crabtree elaborates, "There is a dimension missed in the formation and operation of most companies. That dimension is process. It is our business processes that are the conduits for delivering value." Crabtree's approach is to work with leaders to address the 3-Dimensions of Value; design optimal core business processes to deliver value, align the organization's people to those processes, then see if/how technology can enable those processes. 

"Continuous improvement programs are not addressing the root cause of poor performance by focusing on smaller processes in a traditionally designed organization. If you design and measure your core processes well, everything begins to align, and you know exactly where your business stands, and can even predict issues before they escalate," states Ms. Crabtree.

Crabtree points to The 5 Fatal Flaws found in most companies. They are assumptions we mostly take for granted:

1. Value is assumed to be understood from the Customer perspective,
2. People are assumed to know what part they play in delivering said value,
3. Leaders are assumed to be process experts,
4. Processes are assumed to be optimal (based on 3), and
5. Technology is assumed to be the most important asset to invest in. 

These assumptions must be challenged and that is what 3D Value Group does.

3D Value Group aims to create powerful business engines that deliver high performance, unsurpassed market value and stakeholder satisfaction. 

Crabtree is a proven veteran of "business design" who has generated over $125MM in profit and new revenue for businesses over the past 20 years. In concert with those redesigns, she improved quality and compliance, as well as employee, shareholder and customer satisfaction. 

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