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January 01, 2015 03:00 ET

5 Healthiest New Year's Resolutions

DaVinci Vaporizers Are Top of the List

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - January 01, 2015) - Organicix, the creator and manufacturer of DaVinci Vaporizers, has just has come up with a way for people to stick to their healthy New Year's resolutions successfully. The most common mistake people make with their resolutions is to expect results too quickly while taking them to the extreme. "We get excited to start off the year right with success without realizing that with success comes hard work. With that excitement we don't rationally think about our resolutions as a long-term goal, we see them more as short term achievements," said DaVinci Vaporizers. We want to see results being made quickly while wanting others to marvel in our accomplishments. But resolutions never last long when you aren't willing to make the effort. The reasoning behind people giving up so easily is that the resolution becomes too hard to keep up with. People don't want to put all their effort into one resolution. If you want to achieve your resolutions DaVinci Vaporizers has come up with a few solutions to get you through the next year.

#1 The most common New Year's resolutions that are made are to lose weight, or quit smoking. All resolutions can be accomplished when they are done as a progression and not as a rapid change to your lifestyle. Smoking can be a tough habit to give up, so what we suggest is to use a portable vaporizer. DaVinci Vaporizers understands the hardship one has to go through in order to quit smoking, and when the brand was created its sole purpose was to be a healthier alternative to smoking. Instead of smoking a cigarette, which contain thousands of toxic chemicals, you can vape organic herbs like green tea or mint to receive very useful anti-oxidants meant to keep you healthy.

#2 If vaping herbs isn't necessarily your style, you can try our line of 100% Organic Essential Oils. Each oil blend contains zero nicotine and is made with the finest herbs from around the world. This aromatherapy device will deter you from smoking and help kick that nicotine habit for good.

#3 When it comes to losing weight the first thing that people tend to do is sign up for a gym membership, start working out five days a week for the first couple of weeks and even change the way they eat. But when the stresses of work, the chores around the house start to pile up and the holiday season comes to an end the first thing to go is the gym. The fast paced routine you started with slowly turns into something of the past. Instead, what can help with your weight loss resolution, try not to do everything at once and build up to the routine as a progression. Start your work outs on the weekends instead of during the week, this way you can put working out into your routine without it taking over your life.

#4 The next step is eating healthier foods. Don't just go to the store and buy hundreds of dollars' worth of new healthy foods you have never tried before. What you can do instead is trade a few junk food items that are usually in your diet to healthier alternatives. This way your body can get use to eating healthier meals. Once you found what healthy foods work well with you, you can start adding healthier foods than fatty ones.

#5 Also eating fast food can be a tough meal to kick; try limiting yourself to eating fast food once a week and then progressively cutting it down to twice a week and soon your cravings for fast food will subside.

For this New Year's try not to worry about the things you will give up but instead look at the ways to improve your overall health. The goal is never to give up something but to change for the better. These tips can help you grow to become the person you wish to be in life which is a determined, healthier, happier individual that can stick to the goals they set for themselves. Never give up and always keep working towards your goal. That's the DaVinci Vaporizer way.

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