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January 09, 2015 15:00 ET

5 Safety Tips That Riders Must Know Before They Ride

Brought to You by Shark Kage

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - January 09, 2015) - Shark Kage multi-use ramp, which is owned by Zapp Box Inc., has come up with a list of safety tips that encourages riders to use responsible safety measures before going out on a ride. The Shark Kage motorcycle ramp was built to safely help riders unload their bike, quad or other heavy machinery off the back of their truck. It was created by well-rounded professional and amateur riders who knew first-hand how dangerous loading and unloading their bike can be without having a sturdy ramp underneath. Staying safe has always been their main focus, whether it's riding up a ramp or riding on a track these daring professionals have always taken riding seriously. So they decided to help their fellow riders by coming up with a list of safety measures riders should take before going out on the road.  

1. Always wear your gloves. That may sound like the typical know-how, however this is one of the most common rule that is broken consistently. If riders don't wear their gloves they are prone to awful hand injuries such as gruesome blisters and horrific scrapes. If one were to fall off their bike, which happens more often than not, the first motion that is made is trying to set your hands down on the ground. It is necessary for riders to always wear their hand gloves while riding. This will help keep their hands protected and free from stitches.

2. Always wear your riding boots. No one should confuse riding boots with work boots; work boots will not protect you against ankle injuries. Another common injury that is seen amongst riders are ankle injuries. Having riding boots helps protect riders from ankle shattering injuries and keeping feet from slipping off the pedal.

3. Always keep your helmet strapped on. When people are just excited to ride they tend to rush to put on their safety equipment. They'll place on their helmet and don't even care to strap it together because they just want to go out and race. When you don't strap on your helmet you put yourself in a dangerous situation. If you were to fall off your bike your helmet will fly right off your head leaving you with severe injuries. Keeping your head safe should always be a main priority whenever you are on a bike.

4. Make sure you do a pre-ride inspection. Before you go out on a ride it is always a good idea to look over your bike before you just hop on and go. You might find that your chain may have little tension in it or some loose nuts and bolts. If you don't catch these potential hazards then you could end up breaking your bike and walking home or worse, getting into a terrible accident. A pre-ride inspection will help you stay in tune with your ride and can also save your life.

5. Always hydrate. It is amazing how often people forget to stay hydrated when they are on a long ride. Keeping your body hydrated is the key to a long happy ride.

Shark Kage is always looking out for their fellow riders. Riding may be your passion but no matter how long you have been riding you should always be using responsible safety measures.

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Shark Kage™ is the first multi-use ramp for pickup trucks on the market today. Shark Kage is ideal for loading motorcycles, ATVs, and more while serving as a ramp, bed extender, cargo box, cargo cover, work table, and sun shade. Shark Kage provides unique solutions that no other ramp can accommodate. The patent pending design and mounting plate prevents the ramp from slipping or falling during use, creating an unprecedented level of confidence for riders. For more information, visit Check out the Shark Kage video HERE.

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