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October 04, 2010 12:27 ET

5 Valuable Tips for Buying Passenger Tires in Canada

VERNON, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Oct. 4, 2010) - Unless you purchase tires on a regular basis, walking into a tire store and selecting the right passenger tires for your vehicle can seem rather daunting. How do you know which passenger tires are best? And what about size? What does 225/45R17 mean anyway?

While you likely don't think about passenger tires until you find yourself suddenly needing them, it pays to familiarize yourself with this essential part of your car. After all, without them you aren't going anywhere!

Here are 5 essential tips to remember when buying passenger tires in Canada:

1. Be consistent

All four passenger tires should be identical. If your passenger tires don't match, you could have dangerous handling problems. For instance, one end of your vehicle may not respond as quickly or completely as the other end, making the vehicle more difficult to control. If you just need to replace one of your passenger tires, replace it with a tire of the same brand type, size and speed rating.

2. Consider your daily driving conditions

Select passenger tires that suit the driving conditions you face most often. If you face very different driving conditions (heavy snow in the winter and lots of highway driving in the summer), you will likely need two sets of passenger tires. You'll get better driving performance and longer total wear from your tires.

3. Learn the language

One of the most costly mistakes a driver can make is not buying the correct size of passenger tires; a simple mistake, considering how confusing the sizing codes can be. That's why it's essential that you learn to speak the language. Get to know what those codes mean. That way you'll know exactly what you're getting when buying passenger tires. Or go see the tire experts at Kal Tire!

Let's take the size 225/45R17 for example:

225 –This number represents the width of the tire across the tread in millimeters
45 –This second number is the aspect ratio of the sidewall (as a percentage), compared to the width of the tire
R –Radial construction
17 –This is the diameter of the rim in inches

4. Remember that winter tires are for more than just snow

Winter tires provide the best traction for a wide range of winter conditions, not just snow. Today's winter tires offer state-of-the-art designs and compounds. Winter tread compounds are highly siped (small slits that expel water and provide extra traction), and are made of space age compounds that stay pliable in cold weather.

5. Purchase passenger tires from tire experts

You can purchase passenger tires practically everywhere these days, from discount stores to listings online. However, something as essential to your driving safety as reliable passenger tires should only be purchased from tire experts, such as your local Kal Tire.

Kal Tire is a wholly-owned Canadian company that has grown to become Canada's largest independent dealer of passenger tires. Kal Tire sells and services BFGoodrich, Bridgestone, Falken, Firestone, Goodride, Michelin, Multi-Mile, Nitto, Nokian, Uniroyal and Yokohama. These manufacturers/suppliers enable Kal Tire to carry the largest supply of passenger tires in Canada and to fit even the most exotic sizes.

With your purchase of tires Kal Tire will provide you with an exclusive FREE Customer Care Policy that includes free installation, free tire rotation, free flat repair, road hazard coverage and tread life guarantee on personal use passenger and light truck tires.

Visit http://find.kaltire.com/ to learn more about buying passenger tires in Canada from Kal Tire.

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