SOURCE: Canadian Association of Psoriasis Patients

Canadian Association of Psoriasis Patients

October 29, 2015 09:00 ET

$50,000 Pledged to Support Studentships in Psoriatic Research

OTTAWA, ON--(Marketwired - October 29, 2015) - Today, the Canadian Association of Psoriasis Patients (CAPP) is announcing a new partnership to fund up to 10 Studentships to support students in psoriatic disease research to mark World Psoriasis Day. Each studentship will be worth $5,000 and will provide opportunities to undertake research projects related to psoriatic diseases with established investigators in Canada.

CAPP is excited to be announcing these studentships on World Psoriasis Day, a day dedicated to give an international voice to the 125 million people with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Approximately one million Canadians live with this highly visible condition every day resulting in sometimes insurmountable burdens being placed on patients and their families. For more information, visit

CAPP is delighted to be partnering with Pfizer, Leo Pharma, Janssen Inc., and Canadian Institutes of Health Research-Institute of Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis (CIHR-IMHA) in funding these summer research scholarships. "There was no hesitation from these partners when approached about the idea of funding students in psoriatic research. Funding for psoriatic disease research and trainees entering these fields has declined over the past 10 years so this new project will help us, as a patient advocacy group, to connect with more patients, the public, and medical professionals, specifically in supporting students in psoriatic disease research," stated Kathryn Andrews-Clay, Executive Director of CAPP.

More information on these studentships as well as the eligibilities requirements and the instructions on how to apply can be found at

"While there is currently no cure for psoriasis we hope that by funding these studentships we can play a role in someday being able to live in a world without psoriasis," said Eva Borkenhagen, Board President for the Canadian Association of Psoriasis Patients.

About Psoriasis:

Psoriasis (pronounced so-RYE-a-sis) is a chronic inflammatory condition in which the immune system causes skin cells to grow at up to 10 times the normal rate causing them to pile up on the skin's surface, creating sores or lesions - often called plaques. Thick, silvery scales form atop these itchy and sometimes painful red patches. Beyond the visible skin lesions, patients have higher rates of arthritis, heart disease, depression and a host of other related conditions.

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The Canadian Association of Psoriasis Patents (CAPP) is a national patient organization dedicated to helping psoriasis patients and their families. We provide one-on-one support; bring together the best of emerging psoriasis news, research results and key information that can truly make a difference in the lives of patients.

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