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December 09, 2009 16:12 ET

5D Technologies Announces Breakthrough Swing Analysis System for Golf, Baseball and Other Sports

BURLINGTON, VT--(Marketwire - December 9, 2009) - Statistics tell it all. Golf scores are no better today than 30 years ago, despite major advances in equipment and swing analysis technology. This difficulty to improve is partly why golfer numbers remain flat.

Without proper feedback, golfers often repeat the same mistakes again and again. Poor stance. Bad grip. Lifting up. The problems are numerous and hard to correct without professional swing analysis.

Fortunately, advances in video technology now make it possible and affordable for almost any golfer to record, replay and analyze golf swings in super slow motion right at the range ( For the cost of a driver, golfers now have access to information that creates real improvement.

One Vermont company is leading the way. 5D Technologies has introduced several new devices that fundamentally change the way golfers learn to swing. By combining high-speed cameras with 5D's "PortaView" system and swing analysis software (PC and Mac compatible), golfers can record swings at 60 - 200 frames per second, then immediately replay them on a large, fully portable, sun-viewable screen. Swing details become available for review right then and there.

Richard Miller, 5D Technologies CEO, explains, "Golfers can't afford a pro by their side all the time. And even pros rely heavily on video. When a golfer practices on their own without video feedback, it's virtually impossible to know what's working. The body tends to repeat whatever feels comfortable. Real change usually doesn't. This is why bad habits persist. Video points out the flaws so correct changes can be made quickly."

According to Miller, first time users are often shocked to see their swing. But with the aid of swing analysis software and access to professional guidance through 5D's software, golfers can make deep changes fast. "The improvement rate is phenomenal," Miller says. Pros using these systems also see dramatic change with their students. Laptops stay in the office. The PortaView system does it all, at far less cost and much greater simplicity.

It's all about feedback... immediate, reliable feedback. "Seeing what we're actually doing makes all the difference," Miller says.

5D systems work for baseball, tennis and many other sports. The PortaView is compatible with most cameras, including the Casio F1.

More information is available at 5D's website ( and store (, or by calling 802-238-5355.

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