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October 20, 2009 07:00 ET

7 Degrees Unveils PeopleMaps -- New Social Business Application Shows Users How They Are Connected to Any Person or Company

Professional Edition Integrates With to Automate Relationship Selling and Accelerate Sales

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwire - October 20, 2009) - 7 Degrees Inc. today announced the launch of PeopleMaps, a new social business application that accelerates business transactions by giving professionals direct visibility into how they are connected to any person or company. PeopleMaps is available in both Free and Professional Editions at

There is no shortage of information online about people and companies, and for professionals, sifting through this avalanche of data to find connections is critical to business. PeopleMaps' deep mapping technology cuts through massive amounts of data, collecting and analyzing personal and public information to create a highly intuitive, visual representation of relevant relationships.

PeopleMaps allows users to automatically search their personal contacts from Outlook, LinkedIn, Facebook, Gmail and Yahoo, while simultaneously searching a massive social graph that contains data from the Internet and premium data sources. The advanced PeopleMaps graph engine then instantly analyzes all of this data to uncover "connection paths" to any person or company. The basic Free Edition allows users to search PeopleMaps with limited access to the following features:

--  ConnectionPaths -- See how you are connected to any person or company;
--  PeopleMaps and CompanyMaps -- Navigate visual maps of a person's
    social network or a company's key executives, including their professional
--  Contact Manager -- Import and manage all of your personal contacts and
    social network connections all in one place.

"Amidst the wealth of information that exists online today, we saw the need for a tool that could comprehensively tap into extensive private and public information to connect business professionals to their prospects, potential partners and other people and companies," said Timothy Sheehan, CEO and co-founder of 7 Degrees, the company behind PeopleMaps. "The PeopleMaps graph engine represents the most powerful technology available and leverages the broadest and deepest amount of relationship data in the marketplace today, exposing relationships that will dramatically accelerate business transactions."

Professional Edition: Optimized for Sales

PeopleMaps' Professional Edition is optimized for sales professionals seeking warm introductions to their sales targets. It integrates into and immediately uncovers connections, enabling salespeople to significantly shorten the sales process, increase deal velocity and drive revenue more quickly.

A key feature of the Professional Edition is PeopleMaps' Automated Prospect Ranking™, which instantly analyzes and ranks sales prospects based on the strength of personal and professional connections. With PeopleMaps' Optimized Prospect/Lead Assignment, sales managers can then assign each prospect or lead to the salesperson with the most relevant connections.

PeopleMaps Professional Edition also gives sales teams access to Safe Contacts Sharing, which creates a map of each employee's personal and professional relationships to tap into the collective network of an entire organization.

PeopleMaps Professional Edition features include:

--  Automated Prospect Ranking™
--  Optimized Prospect/Lead Assignment
-- Integration
--  Safe Contacts Sharing for Teams & Companies
--  Unlimited PeopleMaps and CompanyMaps
--  Unlimited ConnectionPaths
--  One-Click Warm Introductions
--  Contact Manager

"PeopleMaps has enabled us to quickly warm-up prospects and move through the sales cycle in a faster, unique way," said PeopleMaps user, Bob Swedroe, President and CEO of Expandable Software. "The tool lets us quickly see connections to prospects in a visual way, not only optimizing our time, but going above and beyond what other services can provide in terms of exposing warm leads."

The PeopleMaps Professional Edition is available for $49 per month. The Free and Professional Editions are now available at

About PeopleMaps

PeopleMaps is a powerful business application that allows professionals to see how they are connected to any person or company. PeopleMaps comprehensively searches personal and public data sources, performing the deepest and broadest search available in the marketplace today to show the best Connection Paths to any person or any company. The PeopleMaps Professional Edition is optimized for sales teams and integrates into to automate relationship selling and significantly accelerate sales.

The PeopleMaps application is provided by 7 Degrees Inc., which was founded in 2007 in Salt Lake City, Utah. 7 Degrees is venture-backed by vSpring Capital and Parkview Ventures. For more information, please visit:

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