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July 10, 2007 12:06 ET

7-Eleven® Celebrates 80 Years by Giving Away Almost Half a Million Slurpee® Drinks in Canada

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - July 10, 2007) - For 7-Eleven®'s 80th birthday, Canada will be celebrating with 463,000 free Slurpees. On Wednesday, July 11, 7-Eleven in Canada will give away 7.11 ounce Slurpee® drinks to the first 1,000 customers at each of the company's 463 Canadian stores.

The annual product giveaway is one of the largest in Canada. It has been held for the past number of years every July 11, which is the 11th day of the seventh month and also 7-Eleven Day.

"This is our way of saying thank you to our customers who have been supporting us over the last 80 years and over the last 38 years in Canada," says Tim Donegan, 7-Eleven's vice president and Canadian division manager. "We've been able to launch fun and successful products like the new Slurpuccino because of our loyal customers and they deserve to celebrate with us."

Slurpuccino is the newest member of the Slurpee family. The cappuccino-flavoured Slurpee has no fat, no cholesterol and is non-dairy. It is available across Canada for those wanting their favourite frozen cappuccino drink without all the fat.

In 2006, Canadians drank on average 2.4 million Slurpees per month for a total of more than 29 million Slurpees that year. For the eighth consecutive year, Winnipeg has won the Slurpee Cup for being the Slurpee Capital of the World. To win the title, a city must have the highest average of Slurpee beverages consumed per store. Edmonton and Calgary have provided tough competition and this year Calgary has retained the title of the number two Slurpee-consuming city in the world.

The Slurpee Cup will be awarded at a Slurpee Party in Winnipeg, Manitoba on July 11. The celebration and award presentation will take place at 11 a.m. at the 7-Eleven store on 1622 St. Mary's Road. The event also marks 7-Eleven's 80th birthday. At the Slurpee Party, 7-Eleven will be looking for Winnipeg's Ultimate Slurpee fan by hosting a variety of different Slurpee-related contests. Five semi-finalists will be selected by Hot 103 radio in Winnipeg to compete in the contests. The St. Mary's 7-Eleven store will be handing out cake and prizes throughout the late morning and early afternoon.

Slurpee Origins

Founded in Dallas, Texas as an ice company in 1927, 7-Eleven pioneered the convenience store concept when its ice docks started selling milk, bread and eggs. 7-Eleven trademarked the name "Slurpee" in 1965, naming it after the sound made when the beverage comes up the straw. Slurpees first appeared in Canada on the opening of the first Canadian 7-Eleven store in Calgary in June 1969. They have been a Canadian favourite ever since.

About 7-Eleven, Inc.

7-Eleven, Inc. is the premier name and largest chain in the convenience retailing industry. Based in Dallas, Texas, 7-Eleven operates, franchises or licenses more than 7,200 7-Eleven® stores in North America. Globally, 7-Eleven operates, franchises or licenses some 32,400 stores in 17 countries and U.S. territories. During 2006, 7-Eleven stores worldwide generated total sales of more than $44 billion. Find out more online at www.7-Eleven.com.

Slurpee Fact-oids

- Average Slurpee drinker is a 30 year old male

- 41 per cent of Slurpee drinkers never mix their Slurpees, 37 per cent always mix them, 21 per cent mix them some of the time

- Newest flavours in Canada - Slurpuccino and WooHoo Blue Vanilla

- Slurpuccino is 7-Eleven's new cappuccino-flavoured Slurpee that is non-fat, non-dairy and has no cholesterol

- This July, as part of a promotion for The Simpsons Movie, 7-Eleven introduced a Squishee-Slurpee. This is the first time ever that a Squishee has existed outside of The Simpsons television show.

- Newest Slurpee cup is the refillable 52 ounce tire mug

- Slurpee is a trademark of 7-Eleven as is the term 'brainfreeze'

- In 2006, Canadians drank on average 2.4 million Slurpees per month

- Winnipeg, MB, Canada is the Slurpee capital of the world for slurpee consumption - 8 straight years

- Winnipeg is famous for its "Slurpee Runs" - for example: a local factory requested 67 Slurpees and had them delivered to everyone at work back at the factory

- In Winnipeg when it is -40 degrees outside, people have been seen waiting for the bus, biking, skating and tobogganing with a Slurpee in hand

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