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November 22, 2013 08:00 ET

7 Star Entertainment Looks Forward to Strong Product Launches in 2014

Company Anticipates Launch of Orbital Beacon and Orbital Media Player Next Year

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL--(Marketwired - Nov 22, 2013) - 7 STAR ENTERTAINNMENT, INC. (OTC Pink: SAEE) -- 7 Star Entertainment is pleased to announce the coming launch of two highly anticipated new product lines in 2014; the Orbital Beacon and the Orbital Media Player. The Orbital Beacon's focus is "location based technology" and will become the backbone of a new generation of products created around a single concept of locating people, places, and things. Whether it's your car, luggage or even your child, the Orbital Beacon will help you find it. The platform is powered by Orbital's patented Radio Direction Finding (RDF) System that allows a small hand-held transceiver to locate a paired Beacon. The Beacon currently has several patents pending and patents awarded. According to research firm Strategy Analytics, location based services and technology will generate $10 billion in revenue by 2016. "The profit potential for this product line is substantial. We could be looking at millions in new revenue by capturing even a relatively small percentage of this market," 7 Star CEO, Carl Conte.

The technology that Orbital has developed can be adapted to multiple applications. It can be adapted to sense temperature or even rainfall in remote locations. One application that has generated considerable interest has been the Orbital cell phone case. The case uses Orbital's patented RDF antenna system to locate items embedded with an Orbital Beacon in short-range situations and indoors where GPS does not work. It will work at ranges of one meter up to one kilometer and displays a directional arrow and distance to the Beacon from where the user is standing. If the Beacon is out of RDF range, it reports its grid location. The technology has been put through rigorous testing with the 82nd Airborne Division of the U.S. Army where the device was used for finding items equipped with a Beacon that were dropped from aircraft.

Another product launch we are eagerly awaiting is the Orbital Media Player. The Media Player supports all popular formats and traditional media player functions. It will also allow for cable card; ensuring compatibility with existing cable systems. Sales of the Beacon and Media Player are expected to begin next year. "These cutting edge technologies will propel 7 Star to the next level," 7 Star CEO, Carl Conte.

7 Star would also like to update its shareholders on the progress of completing the recently announced acquisition of Orbital Laboratories. "Our management team is working around the clock to finalize the acquisition and we are on track for completion by month's end. We continue our effort to promote shareholder awareness and wanted to take this opportunity to explain how we expect the acquisition of Orbital to drive the next phase of 7 Star's growth," 7 Star CEO, Carl Conte.

About Orbital Laboratories, Inc. - Orbital started as a U.S. brand producing commercial grade premium LCD Televisions. In 2011 Orbital Laboratories, Inc. acquired the rights to the name "Orbital" and created a partnership to brand a US based company for global sales of LCD TVs for the consumer market. The company's line of televisions, sizes 55" to 80", is currently available on Search Amazon's website for "Orbital Elite TV" to check out the latest pricing for their TV's. The company's other products, including the Orbital Beacon DNA technology devices and the Orbital Media Player, assist the overall vision of Orbital; attracting consumers with innovative applications, quality construction, and technology not available from any other manufacturer. Please visit Orbital's website at

About 7 Star Entertainment, Inc. - 7 Star currently owns and operates a portfolio of online web properties, complementary online bidding, video, and affiliate traffic websites, as well as a range of mobile e-commerce applications such as location based services, mobile checkout, and credit card processing. 7 Star also focuses on acquisition opportunities and strategic partnerships to accelerate the company's growth. For more information on 7 Star Entertainment, Inc. please visit the company website at

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