October 14, 2008 11:02 ET

700 FRED Units Ordered for Installation at Multi-Dwelling Site to Provide Entertainment Programming, VOD, VoIP and 2WayTV

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - October 14, 2008) - INTERLINK-US-NETWORK, LTD. (OTCBB: IUSN) announced that it received an opening order for 700 FRED units as the initial phase of a 10,000 unit order for the Multi-Dwelling Unit market (MDU). INTERLINK's FRED is a set top box designed and manufactured by INTERLINK to provide unlimited entertainment channels, real time broadcast quality 2WayTV, and other video and data services to the home and office. The FRED is available in several versions, from the FRED PRO -- designed for the videophile and broadcasters -- to the FRED CONNECT -- a small, compact and inexpensive embodiment of INTERLINK's 2WayTV technology. The version of the FRED purchased is for Multi-Dwelling Units (FRED MDU), such as housing developments, high rise apartment houses, campuses, etc. The FRED MDU provides all local television channels, video on demand, cable/satellite programming, 2WayTV and connectivity to the public Internet, including VoIP. The FRED MDU supports HD quality viewing, incorporates DVR functionality, and provides an easy to use interface. Each FRED MDU connects to INTERLINK's national telecommunication network providing tiered video and data services offering local and international programming, from recently released motion pictures to hard to find library gems. The easy to use dial up system incorporated in the FRED gives users the ability to make broadcast quality video calls to any location in the world serviced by broadband connectivity. Video phone calls may be one to one, one to many, or integrated into the INTERLINK Network for rebroadcast.

"This is the first of many thousands of units that I expect to sell into the MDU market. This sale covers engineering services and head end installation, propagating the INTERLINK technology in a replicable and reliable format. I am looking forward to building on success," said Richard M. Greenberg, President of INTERLINK. The FRED will earn revenue for the company as a hardware sale and generate a monthly revenue stream for programming and other services. The FRED's 2WayTV feature will enable corporations and individuals to reduce air and vehicular travel by delivering true interpersonal communications easily, simply and virtually. The FRED enables the projection of personality over distance. In the current state of the economy, this gives the FRED a competitive advantage in providing video and digital services to all markets.

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